Talk LeSS 2023 | Jürgen De Smet | From Good to Great: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

Dive into the insightful presentation by Jurgen De Smet from the Talk LeSS: conference held in Warsaw on June 17, 2023.


Jurgen, a guiding force for large organizations navigating their second growth phase, shares his expertise on: - Breaking barriers for true continuous improvement within the LeSS framework. - Strategies for establishing a safe space for experimentation. - Empowering teams to own their processes. - Decoding the challenges in LeSS implementation.

About the speaker: Jurgen De Smet assists leaders of big establishments in fulfilling their high-performance commitments. He aids in descaling and simplifying organizational structures and processes during Agile adoptions. Industries ranging from banking, insurance, and telecommunications, to healthcare trust him to clear their path towards innovation.

About the Conference: Talk LeSS conference aims to "talk less, learn more" about Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoption and boosting organizational agility. Attendees gain practical insights into simplifying organizational complexities and tackling challenges in extensive product development settings. The goal is to forge an adaptive organization at scale, fostering innovation, teamwork, and improved performance.

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