Certified LeSS Basics training

LeSS is built on the principles of Scrum, such as empiricism and self-managing teams, and provides a framework for applying them at a large scale. It includes rules for work structure, guidelines, and specific practices used in large product groups.

The Certified LeSS Basics Training is not a superficial introduction to the LeSS framework. It offers a detailed overview of organisational structures, team arrangements, and their collaboration process. The course will help you thoroughly understand how the LeSS framework works and what is necessary for its implementation.

What you will learn:

  • How to avoid pitfalls in scaling Scrum.
  • What is and how does the LeSS framework and the LeSS-Huge framework work?
  • The roles, artifacts, and events of Scrum at a large scale.
  • The fundamental principles and recommended practices in LeSS, including technical aspects.
  • How to analyse complex problems using Systems Thinking and Causal Loop Diagrams.
  • The structure of teams and how multiple teams coordinate their work.
  • How to prepare for working in a multi-team Scrum environment.
  • Numerous practical examples from real-life scenarios.

The training is recommended for:

Training Scope

  • Adaptability at a large scale.
  • Simulation of large product groups.
  • Component, Platform, and Feature Teams.
  • Principles, rules, and experiments in LeSS.
  • In-depth discussion of roles, artifacts, and events.
  • Systems Thinking and Causal Loop Diagrams.
  • Coordination practices for collaboration among multiple teams.
  • Engineering practices at a large scale.
  • The vision of perfection and the role of leadership.
  • How to get started and what to watch out for.

During the Certified LeSS Basics Training, you will receive:

  • Intensive workshop-style training with a practitioner.
  • Certified LeSS Basics certificate, which does not expire.
  • Membership and profile on the LeSS website.
  • Dedicated digital training materials folder and...
  • Digital copies of the content created during the training (flip charts, Miro board, etc.).
  • Printed training materials (for in-person training).
  • Links and recommendations for additional LeSS learning resources.
  • Training completion diploma from the trainer and ProCognita.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks (for in-person training).
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Large-Scale Scrum Events
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Participants feedback

Very good intro on LeSS/Scrum. You should start with defining your general vision, products - it helps the team to dedicate more.

Don’t scale Agile

Descale organization with Large Scale Scrum

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Accreditation and Certification:

The course is accredited by the LeSS Company and led by the LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer, LFST.

After completing the training, participants will receive a Certified LeSS Basics title valid for lifetime. The cost of certification is included in the price of the training.

The course is also accredited by the Scrum Alliance.

Group size:

4 to 16 people.


By registering for the training you accept the training terms & conditions.

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