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  • Get Agile #1

    What are the Product Owner Key Skills?

    Gojko Adzic

    Tomasz Wykowski interviews Gojko Adzic, author, trainer and consultant on the key skills of successful Product Owners.

    Books mentioned during the interview:

    • “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steve Blank
    • “Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile” by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde,
    • "Four Disciplines of Execution” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling
    • “Inspired” by Marty Cagan
    • “What Customers Want” by Anthony Ulwick
    • “Problem Frames” by Michael Jackson

    Articles mentioned during the interview:

  • Get Agile #2

    Descaling Organization

    Jurgen De Smet

    Tomasz Wykowski interviews Jurgen De Smet, Certified LeSS Trainer on why it’s hard to increase agility of large organization, how to start the transformation and what are the key principles of successful transformation.

    Books mentioned during the interview:

    • “Specification by Example” by Gojko Adzic
    • “Impact Mapping” by Gojko Adzic
    • "Your code is a crime scene” by Adam Tornhill
  • Get Agile #3

    It’s not about the software

    Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    Tomasz Wykowski interviews Mary and Tom Poppendieck - authors and speakers who’d translated Lean principles and practices into the software development world. Listen to the origins of Lean and XP in Toyota and Chrysler, and learn how successful companies develop their services.

    Find Mary and Tom's books at Amazon.

  • Get Agile #4

    Agile Hardware Development

    Joe Justice

    Tomasz Wykowski interviews Joe Justice, Certified Scrum Trainer, TEDx speaker, founder of WIKISPEED, and creator of the Extreme Manufacturing and Scrum@Hardware methods. Hear how companies are increasing agility in their hardware product development and what Tesla is doing differently from all other car manufacturers.

  • Get Agile #5

    Agile Engineering Practices

    Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson

    In this episode, Tomasz Wykowski interviews Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson - people who were involved in the creation of: Extreme Programming, Agile Manifesto (Ron is one of the authors, Chet is the first signatory), and Certified Scrum Developer Program by Scrum Alliance. Plus a few other things. Listen to their discussion about how Extreme Programming impacted the way software is being developed now, the benefits of agile engineering practices, and why so many Scrum teams are still not using them.

  • Get Agile #6

    Kaizen - making employee life easier

    Kiro Harada

    In this episode Tomasz Wykowski interviews Kiro Harada, Agile Practitioner from Japan, who was involved in development of the supply chain system for Toyota. Listen to their conversation about how Toyota Production System was initially misunderstood and how to transfer Lean Principles into the software development world.

    Learn more about Kiro and his company at

    The Scrum Patterns can be found at

    Books mentioned during the conversation:

  • Get Agile #7

    Scrum Patterns

    Arne Ahlander

    In this episode, Tomasz Wykowski interviews Arne Ahlander, a Certified Scrum Trainer from Sweden about Scrum Patterns.

    Scrum Patterns links:

  • Get Agile #8

    Mob Programming

    Woody Zuill

    In this episode, Tomasz Wykowski interviews Woody Zuill about Mob Programming. Join them to learn where the name comes from, how to start, what to expect during mobbing sessions, and common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Get Agile #9

    Stakeholders Value

    Tom Gilb

    In this episode, Tomasz Wykowski interviews Tom Gilb about defining Customer Value. Learn about Tom’s EVO method and why one goal is not enough for your product.

    Tom’s talk at TedxTrondheim “Quantify the un-quantifiable”

    You can find Tom’s Value Requirements book in ProCognita Free Agile Handouts

  • Get Agile #10

    Professional Coaching in Agile

    Lucia Baldelli

    In this episode, Tomasz Wykowski interviews Lucia Baldelli, ICF Certified Professional Coach and Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach about bringing professional coaching into the Agile world. Listen to their conversation to learn how Lucia works with both teams and management, how she creates contracts and builds trust and when it's the right moment to provide knowledge, options or questions.

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