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You won't find these training anywhere else. Interactive workshops created by practitioners and based on real-life stories.


Theory without practice is not us. Inventors and co-authors of various Agile approaches share their techniques.


The experience you want to share - 60% of our training participants join thanks to the recommendations of their friends.

At this moment your safety is number one priority for us. Until July 31st you can, at any time, reschedule to an alternative date or receive a refund. When needed, we will postpone the course to later date.

Certified LeSS Basics
Don't scale Scrum, descale your organization with LeSS.
Certified LeSS Practitioner
Build Agile products and organizations regardless of size.
Lean Software Development
Lean principles transferred into the IT world - run by the authors of method.
Product Owner Key Skills
Expand your skills and tools to maximize customer value.
Specification By Example
Discover the tools for communication between business and IT. Create valuable requirements.
Impact Mapping
Learn how to make a big impact on software products and projects.
Agile Coaching
Study the coaching principles and learn how to build and develop teams.
Agile Hardware Development
Learn how to adapt Agile practices in manufacturing

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