Our online courses are live sessions with a trainer, not a recorded webinar


Our online courses are interactive sessions conducted by experienced trainers using tools for cooperating in the virtual world, such as Miro and Zoom.

Online courses are series in the form of short, several-hour meetings. This approach supports active participation, protects against fatigue and allows you to think and test new knowledge in practice between sessions.

We are recommended60%of our training participants joined thanks to the recommendation of friends.

ProCognita virtual courses are engaging.

We know that training participants far more appreciate engaging activities as games, simulations and discussions than lectures. Such activities energize the brain and allow us to have a touch and feel experience with learning material. Each of our online courses is based on such elements. During the training you will have individual and group discussions in chat rooms (Zoom) exactly the same as in the regular training room, you will collaborate with a group on a virtual board (Miro) and take part in dedicated simulations and games.


Our virtual workshops are effective

Our trainers use the Training From The Back of the Room method to help increase the effectiveness of memorizing and understanding of processed topics. In order to reduce the effects of fatigue and loss of concentration, training is divided into several short sessions, and each module includes exercises that allow you to apply the knowledge in practice. We guarantee small training groups so that the trainer can give enough attention to each participant. After the training, you will receive materials enabling further work in selected areas.

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Upcoming Agile Training Online: Agile, Scrum and LeSS

Upcoming events

September 2024


Certified ScrumMaster ENG Online

  • Online
  • 10.09 - 11.09.24 ( 16 H [9:00-17:00])
  • 850-940 EUR
  • Zuzi Šochová

October 2024


Agile Coaching ENG Online

  • Online
  • 07.10 - 02.12.24 (8 x 3 H [15:00-18:00])
  • 1100-1200 EUR
  • Lucia Baldelli

The trainings are unique and tailored to the participants

Each of our training sessions is unique. Our experts prepare exclusive programs covering the training goals, they do not conduct training, by recreating predefined scripts. Each of the training courses has unique materials and scope. Each training has learning objectives, but it is up to the participants to decide which topics will be discussed more broadly. If you have areas that you would like to explore, inform the trainer about it and he will help you find the answer.

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Our virtual trainings are led by experts

All our trainers are practitioners. Some of them are entrepreneurs who have created their own successful companies, and all of them have been transforming organizations from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. During the training, you will hear unique stories from their experience, not just stories described in books. Trainers are fully available during the training to answer questions and are staying in touch with participants after the training so you can ask them questions anytime they occur.

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