Our online courses are live sessions with a trainer, not a recorded webinar


Our online courses are interactive sessions conducted by experienced trainers using tools for cooperating in the virtual world, such as Miro and Zoom.

Online courses are series in the form of short, several-hour meetings. This approach supports active participation, protects against fatigue and allows you to think and test new knowledge in practice between sessions.

We are recommended60%of our training participants joined thanks to the recommendation of friends.

Our Online Courses:

Relationship with the coach

We focus on personal contact. Throughout the training, our trainer works hand in hand with the participants.


Exercises, not lectures

By using proper tools, our online courses are exercises based on real examples, virtual games, group discussions, not a boring presentation in PowerPoint.


Short sessions

We know how to train effectively in a remote form. We focus on several shorter sessions, thanks to which participants remain focused throughout the training.



These courses cannot be found anywhere else. Based on our stories, interactive workshops created by practitioners for demanding students.

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