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The best leaders build organizations that thrive in a dynamic market.

For over a decade, we have been supporting them by providing knowledge, tools and new perspectives.

Agile Transformations

Digital Transformation involves the entire organization. We work with executives, leaders, engineering, sales, and marketing departments.

Based on our experience working with clients, we have created a transformation framework. It will help you define your goals, select new areas, and iteratively discover better ways of delivering products and services.

We support companies from software, hardware and services industries.

We offer:

Agile Consulting

As your organization grows, challenges arise that you haven't faced before. Together, we discover and remove obstacles in communication and decision making at every organizational level. We help build an adaptive company structure that will enable you to embrace the changes in the market. We advise you how to improve the working environment to engage employees. Thanks to this, you will get rid of the fear of change and you will be able to deliver value to your clients efficiently.

We offer:

Agile Training

Raising employees' competences is an important element of the company's development.

Our trainings are based on interactive workshops created and conducted by practitioners, co-authors of Agile approaches. These trainings are unique and you won't find them anywhere else.

We will adjust the scope, form and duration of training according to your needs.

We offer:

Development Paths

Employee development is a continuous process and the best form of learning is experience. We have prepared an iterational learning program around the Agile areas:

  • adapted to the scope of the employee's duties
  • addressing specific issues from your company
  • ensures progress between sessions
  • results visible after each session
We offer:

Mentoring for Leaders

Whenever you have a difficult challenge ahead of you or are looking for a partner who will help you work out a solution for your problems during individual sessions, choose Agile mentoring.

We support executives, managers, team leaders, Scrum Masters and Product Owners by helping them develop skills and use their own potential.

We offer:

Product Workshops

Do you want your product to be unique and loved by users? Learn how to provide customers with what they really need.

Product discovery is a workshop that allows you to create a vision and strategy for your product, identify stakeholders, understand user expectations and determine how to meet them. Regardless of whether you are just starting to create a product or it has been on the market for a decade, such workshops will allow you to build a coherent understanding and prioritize your work to focus on what is most important.

We offer:

Talks and Simulations

Are you organizing a company conference? Our team delivers talks and workshops at international events. Invite us to engage your audience and learn how to make the most of Agile and Lean in building teams, organizations and products.

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