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In a rapidly changing market, the best leaders build Agile organizations that quickly adapt and take advantage of new opportunities.

For over a decade, we have been supporting leaders by giving them knowledge, tools and new perspectives.
We work with executives, leaders, engineering, sales, and marketing departments from software, hardware and services industries.

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You won't find these trainings anywhere else. Interactive workshops created by practitioners and based on real-life stories.


Theory without practice is not us. Inventors and co-authors of various Agile approaches share their techniques.


The experience you want to share - 60% of our training participants join thanks to the recommendations of their friends.

We offer:

Agile Transformations

Fast delivery of products that address market needs is the key to success. The two pillars are continuous feedback and a quick response to new information. We can help make your organization more agile.

Based on the experience of our clients we've created a transformation framework, that will allow you to define transformation goals, select organization areas to focus on and iteratively discover better ways of delivering your products and services.

We offer:

Mentoring for Leaders

Whenever you have a difficult challenge ahead of you or are looking for a partner that will help you develop your skills, choose Agile mentoring. We support executives, managers, team leaders, Scrum Masters and Product Owners by helping them develop skills and use their own potential.

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Product Workshops

Do you want your product to be unique and loved by users? Learn how to provide customers with what they really need.

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Talks and Simulations

Are you organizing a company conference? Our team delivers talks and workshops at international events. Invite us to engage your audience and learn how to make the most of Agile and Lean in building teams, organizations and products.

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Development Paths

Are you looking for opportunities to develop your employees? We offer a series of practical workshops tailored to your needs that will help them gain new skills and knowledge.

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