Lean Organization, or what's slowing you down?

How fast can you deliver your software? When time-to-market is a success factor, we’re looking for ways to optimize development process to shorten delivery time. We’re buying faster computers, new software and hiring additional testers to make sure our product will be ready on time. However way too often by concentrating on development process only, we forget to look at other areas. Is the efficiency of our developers real problem, or should we search for causes somewhere else?


Maybe it’s the approval process that takes too long, or we’re developing wrong thing trying to catch up with our competitors rather than looking for our own solution. During this presentation you’ll learn how Toyota and other Lean companies are analysing their processes searching for inefficiencies. You’ll hear real examples on how valuable time can be wasted, and what can be done to deliver better software faster.

Talk delivered at Agile Tour Belarus 2016