Leading Individuals

“Human Resources”. Projects would be so much simpler if it weren’t for the people. Why do they behave and react so differently? Why is it so hard for them to do what they’re told? Why is it so difficult to manage, motivate and change them? Why can’t they just learn “people skills?” What does statistical variation have to do with people’s achievements and why should you abandon performance appraisal?

If you’d like to hear the answers to any of these questions, join Tomasz in his walk through different scientific disciplines from statistical process control to psychology and cognitive science. This talk is based on research, experiments, theories and his own experiences. Tomasz will explain some of the reasons behind people’s behaviors, what drives them, what factors are impacting their effectiveness at work and why some traditional methods do not work. Finally, you’ll leave the session knowing how to make working and living together with others a little easier.

First presented at 33rd Degree Conference :: Krakow, Poland :: 19 - 21 March 2012

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