How bringing professional coaching into the agile world can make the difference

It is quite challenging to put the words “agile” and “coaching” together in my view.

The former carries a lot of expertise and practice with real teams in challenging scenarios: a backpack that we have that has a lot of value in it that we would like to share to help people!

The latter is about looking at others as competent and whole, not in need to be fixed or saved by ourselves. We partner with them to help them find their own solutions and we focus on relationships to create cohesive teams of motivated people that will deliver amazing products.


How do we combine the two words in an effective way?

Our experience in the agile space helps us understand the challenges that our teams are experiencing: we feel them, we empathise with them, we know exactly what they are going through. However this makes it harder for us to stay away from getting trapped into those challenges ourselves and be tempted to solve them all!

I met professional coaching quite a few years ago and an incredible mindset shift that came from that. I understood that by looking at people as experts in their own - private and working - lives you gain the perspective of a neutral observer that is there to challenge and support them when needed. You gain the gift of holding a mirror to let them see what they are great at and what is stopping them from moving forward. You have powerful tools to nurture their relationships so that they can have healthy communications and collaborate more effectively.

Does this seem magic? It is real and it describes the impact you can make if you bring professional coaching into the agile world.


Our ACC  class will make this mindset shift happen and you will take away new insights and ideas about how you can help your teams live happier working lives and consequently become more performant. You will hold your new toolbox and you will feel fully equipped to deal with challenging situations like fast pace change, conflict, toxic communication.