Get Agile #23 | Making Reliable Promises | Angel Diaz-Maroto

How often your organization fails to deliver on the promise? How many deadlines were not met, or the goals not achieved?

"The biggest responsibility of leadership is to ensure that promises keep on working on time," says Angel Diaz-Maroto, Certified Enterprise Coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer. During his recent visit to Warsaw, Poland, he joined Tomasz Wykowski from ProCognita to discuss the elements of reliable promises. Together, they look at building promises in a dynamic, agile environment, and how to create these on task, output, and outcome levels.

Angel explains how reliable promises build trust, which creates a culture of responsibility that leads to responding to customers' needs and delivering results. He shares his thoughts on how promises work with the OKR method. Building on that, they discuss how different people react to challenging and stressful targets, and what can be the consequences of creating an unrealistic goal. Finally, Angel explains how the leader can move the organization from one that fails to deliver on promises to a company that creates (and deliver on) realistic goals.

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