Are You on the Agile Bus?

Get on the Bus! Right on the Bus!

Can you walk when other are riding the bus? Can you allow yourself to stay behind? The technologies are changing faster and faster. The vacuum tubes are gone from IT long time ago. However we can still find 19th century methods of managing our work. To stay ahead of market, to remain competitive, both companies and their employees must change their way of thinking. Agile and Lean approaches allow for better understanding of customer needs, faster delivery, building a culture of trust and cooperation, and last, but not least, help in your continuous development.

In this humorous and engaging talk Robin and Tomek will share with you what Agile is all about and how you can improve you career prospects and your professional skills by getting on the Agile Bus. You’ll also re-learn how to have a fun and pleasure (oh yes) from working with software... how soft? Come and see!

First presented at CarieerCon :: Krakow, Poland :: 10 March 2012

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