Another missed deadline, extended budget, unhappy customer loaded with unusefull functionality while still missing this one that is truly required, tired and discouraged team? This is time to consider if methods that you are using are suitable for complex, dynamic environment.

One of the solutions can be adaptive approach, supporting better customer collaboration, faster reaction to market changes and more effective team collaboration.
Most popular adaptive approach is Scrum. However Scrum framework was created to satisfy IT industry needs it can be successfully applied in non-IT sections as sales, marketing, education or administration.

Scrum Essential training will let you experience different product development approaches and help you to figure out if Scrum is solution that you are searching for.


What will I know?

This is workshop style training that is answering followed questions:

  • What is Scrum and what is not ? What are the values behind it?
  • What are key elements of Scrum, why they were introduced and how to use them?
  • How to start and correctly use Scrum framework?
  • What are typical challenges at the beginning of the road?


Who shall be interested in?

Training is dedicated for teams and individuals who are:

  • Searching for improvement of their current way of working
  • Want to start Scrum adventure or level the current knowledge
  • Require frequent customer feedback to deliver products


How long will it take?

Basic training will take 1 day. It can be extended for 1 or 2 more days to cover additional scope.


What next?

Scrum is like chess. You can learn to play chess only by .. playing chess.

You will achieve the best results if you will start introducing changes right after the training.

You can enhance this process by providing team members support in using new practices, problem solving and continuous process improvement. Our coaches are supporting teams in their baby steps as well as in further phases of Agile adaptation.

Those who are going to perform role of ScrumMaster or Product Owner we would like to invite for dedicated certified training.

Those who would like to deep dive into topics related to product management or team building we have set of workshops. There is also possibility to extend training to cover those areas.

Those who prefer self-study we recommend books and videos.We would like to also invite you to join Scrum communities events like conferences or local meet-up.


Agile and Lean Training

Private Training

If you're interested in scheduling private course for your company please inquire.

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