Scrum is Simple but it’s Hard”. Just when you start working as ScrumMaster you will face issues that you haven’t been aware of. Situations that you have no idea what to do.

Two-day Advanced ScrumMaster (ASM) course is based on analysis of common situations from project life and is showing how to address them. You will try new teamwork techniques during simulations, exercises and discussions. You will learn specific practises helping team members in product development. You will find out how to support your Product Owner and organization transformation. Last but not least we will address you biggest challenges or important topics based on your priorities.


Our goal is not to teach but to help you learn. Our course is adjusted to current knowledge and expectations of participants. Course is led as small group exercises, discussions or short lectures. In most cases it’s covering following areas:

Day 1.

  • Introduction
    • Expectations
    • Scrum Values
    • Working Agreement
    • What does ScrumMaster do?
    • Scrum – patterns and anti-patterns
    • Visualization
  • ScrumMaster and Dev Team
    • Facilitation
    • Core Protocols
    • Team building
    • Responsibility
    • Motyvation

Day 2.

  • ScrumMaster and Engineering Practises
    • Extreme Programming
    • Agile Engineering Practises. Mob Programming
    • Technical Debt
  • ScrumMaster and Product Owner
    • Limitation of communication
    • Healthy Product Backlog
    • Requirement decomposition
    • Prioritization techniques
    • Delivering Value: Spikes, Walking Skeleton i MVP
  • ScrumMaster and Organization
    • ScrumMaster carrier path
    • Scaling with LeSS
    • Introducing change
    • Building Lean Organization
    • Optional: Open Space and Lean Coffee
  • Closing
    • Questions and Answers
    • Development plan


This course is focused on extending portfolio of ScrumMaster tools. After completion of training participants will be able to:

  • Better understand your ScrumMaster role
  • Efficiently facilitate Team events
  • Lead interesting and diverse retrospectives
  • Using various tools to grow Agile Teams
  • Successfully discuss with Team members, Product Owner and Stakeholders
  • Show value of engineering practices
  • Support Product Owner i release planning and prioritization to maximize ROI
  • Understand consequences of various ways of scaling organization
  • Introduce change in their organization

Intended Audience

Training is dedicated for people who are going to grow their competences in ScrumMaster role. Participants are required to have base theoretical knowledge (completed CSM or similar ScrumMaster course) and minimum half year experience in role.


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