05.02.2024 Free Handouts

Tom Gilb's book: Value Requirements - For Free

Tom Gilb describes himself as the "Grandfather of Agile" and is happy to share his decades of experience working with software development companies. He is known for his work on software metrics, software inspection, and evolutionary processes.

Tom has visited Poland several times at the invitation of ProCognity. He has also made his book "Value Requirements" available for free to our audience.

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"Value Requirements" will help you analyze and define the most important requirements for your project. It will enable you to clearly and quantitatively determine the "value" of success so that you can manage it during your work. It will also show you how to organize, prioritize, and control them to reflect the complex reality of your product.

The method described in the book is based on Tom's advanced planning language "Planguage", which allows for the inclusion, unification, and management of the needs of various stakeholders.