Putting into practice ideas from training and books creates new questions and doubts. There’s no prescription or “one size fits all”, only “try and see what’s working for you”. To help you find the answers and face challenges we offer coaching and consulting services.

Depending on your needs we work with whole organization, selected teams and key people. Regular support bring most value, but we also cooperate on short-time engagement or even on one-time meetings. 

Successful implementation of Agile often requires changes  in organizational culture. Only this way, new approach will preserve when consultant will be gone. Therefore, effective coaching and consultancy, relays more on people and their approach to software development, rather than on tools and processes.

Executive Coaching

No organization can grow faster than it’s leader. Therefore we support CXOs, executives and leaders in their development. Together we create amazing workplaces, agile organizations and breakthrough products.

Team Coaching

Just like every sport team has dedicated coach  every agile team will benefit from mentoring and coaching provided by Agile Coach. We will guide your teams to become fully productive.

Individual Coaching

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and all other Agile people are looking for support, feedback, suggestions and inspirations. We offer individual coaching done through one-on-one sessions either on site or remotely.

Organizational Transformation

Every company that has successfully adopted Agile engaged Agile Coaches. It is too difficult to learn a completely new way of working and change your organization at the same time. No matter where you are on your way to agility we can help you creating new culture by defining new structure, identifying better ways of working and growing people. 

Agile Pilot

Interested in Agile, but not sure if it’s a right choice for your organization? We will guide you and your team through pilot initiative, so you can learn from first-hand experience.

Product Discovery

Breakthrough product doesn’t start with list of requirements. They start with vision, good understanding of the market and fast methods of validating assumptions. We help organizations discover what are their users, what they really needs and how to exceed their expectations.

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