Tomasz Wykowski

Learning is my passion. I love gaining new knowledge and skills. I am continuously raising the bar and putting on new challenges to achieve what seems to be out of reach. I hold Master Degree in Automatic and Robotic and I tried my skills as software developer, quality engineer, project manager and Scrum Master. In 2010, I founded ProCognita to help people build extraordinary organizations through Agile Coaching and Training. Since 2015 I'm a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) one of two-hundred Agile Leaders recognized by Scrum Alliance. I'm also one of the few LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer.

As an Agile Coach I work with companies ranging from startups to large corporations. I observe the whole organization. Basing on my findings I ask questions to provoke you to deeply analyze situation and to give you a different perspective, provide a feedback and suggest experiments so that you can continuously improve.

I'll tell you if I don't know something. And then I'll find the answer, as I have a network of the most experienced Agile experts from around the world who help me develop my competences.

Speaking by Tomasz Wykowski

I want to build the Agile Community. That is why I support Agile and Lean organizations and events. I'm a founder and co-organizer of ALE Krakow, local Agile Group. I share my knowledge through lectures and workshops at international conferences and local groups meetings.


Training with Tomasz Wykowski

As a trainer, I know that learning is not about listening to lectures and reading slides, but about deep understanding, experiencing and seeing other perspectives. Therefore, I am the "Training from the Back of the Room" Certified Trainer and I use brain-friendly techniques to help you learn. As learning has to be fun, during my courses you will talk about the requirements for RoboCop or Santa and how hard it is to throw a cat.

If you want to organize training, workshop or presentations for your company, contact us.