Jaga Biernacka

My career has lead me through various positions, which had helped me to gain experience in many different areas. This allows me to understand people and their problems better, by placing myself in their shoes.

One of my favorite roles is teaching others. Why? Because I love sharing my knowledge and expertise, and I have great pleasure when someone is able to resolve one's problems, making his/her life a little bit better.

I don’t screen out my background in “traditional” project management. It gives me the additional outlook on people and the company throughout their transformation to become Agile.

I worked in the IT from the very beginning of my career, among others, as a Linux system administrator. My adventure with Agile has started when I began working in a Scrum Team as a team member. Later on, being a part of Operations Team, where we have introduced Kanban. Followed by working as a Scrum Master for several companies like PayU S.A (Allegro Group) and PZU S.A.

I was fascinated how people can cooperate and what can affect the cooperation quality, therefore I've decided to enroll in psychology studies and begin scientific research about motivation in agile teams. I believe that my research may help others to improve, so I publish the results periodically on my blog - scientyficagile.com. I don’t take resolutions on faith. I feel a need to understand why and how things are working. My scientific fascinations are about experimental psychology.

Why am I an Agile Coach? Because the majority of people don’t have time to obtain knowledge, essential to creating a better world. In this world, people build good software effectively, with satisfaction, having glad executives, happy client and a dedicated team.

Training with Jaga Biernacka

Jaga runs Scrum Foundations course accredited by Scrum Alliance

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