Certified LeSS for Executives

02 - 04 October 2023 | Warsaw

Trainer: Craig Larman
Location: TBA, Warsaw
Language: English
Duration: 3x 9h (08:30 - 17:30)
Price till 02.09.2023: 2100 EUR + VAT
Price till 02.10.2023: 2450 EUR + VAT
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This is a course in ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN for large-scale product development, with the optimizing goal of ADAPTIVENESS.  Learning and applying organizational design (policies of Finance/HR/Development, structure of sites/groups/teams, definition of jobs/paths,  and much more) is the responsibility of senior management. 

  • Learn with Craig Larman—the co-creator of LeSS—in this 3-day highly-participative course. Participants (senior managers, product managers, ...) explore a deep understanding of large-scale organizational design, systems thinking, and LeSS, for adaptive development with many teams working together on one product. We explore adoption, new organizational design, systems optimization, the role of management, and more. 

Critically, we explore the Big Idea of more with LeSS: simplifying & descaling over "scaling", or... scaling product development by descaling the organization.


  • LeSS Overview

    • descaling and simplifying over scaling: more with LeSS
    • LeSS principles, frameworks, guides, experiments
    • two LeSS frameworks: basic & LeSS Huge


    • pre-adoption: building interest
    • the adoption guides
    • 3 principles
    • getting started
    • scope of first adoption
    • stories of LeSS adoptions 

    Local Optimization & System Optimization 

    • local versus global systems optimization
    • local optimization in backlogs
    • local optimization in product definition
    • local optimization in planning
    • local optimization in analysis & design
    • local optimization in programming

    Product Definition 

    • redefining the scope of product, and the impact on global optimization
    • portfolio management
  • Why LeSS?

    • shu-ha-ri and frameworks
    • empirical control
    • why "More with LeSS"?
    • systems optimization
    • occupational psychology

    LeSS Sprint 

    • coordination & integration: from communities to architecture
    • scaling Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint Review & Retrospective
    • multi-site development

    LeSS Huge Framework

    • Requirement Areas
    • Area Product Owners
    • role of Overall Product Owner
    • Area Backlogs
    • adoption

    More on LeSS Roles

    • Managers in a LeSS organization
    • Scrum Masters at scale
    • Product Owner in LeSS
  • Perhaps most importantly and interestingly, this course runs mostly as a series of "at giant whiteboards" deep-thinking exercises involving systems modeling in small teams to explore why, so that people can own the ideas by discovering them for themselves, rather than "renting" the ideas. A focus on why and owning not renting are important elements of LeSS and how it's learned, and Craig emphasizes this in the course learning experience.

    Join Larman for a deep dive into more with LeSS, based on his long experience with LeSS adoptions.

  • In addition to course material, each participant will also receive 3 books on LeSS:

    Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS
    Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite & Offshore Development with LeSS
    Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum

After successful course completion you receive

  • (free) digital versions of the first, second, and third LeSS books
  • more LeSS learning (videos, etc)
  • the course handout PDF and photos of everything created within the course that was on the walls
  • contacts of all course participants
  • a course certificate
Craig Larman
Experienced trainer

Craig Larman


Craig Larman is the co-creator (with Bas Vodde) of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum), and since 2005 has worked with clients to apply the LeSS framework to descale development in big product groups. Much of his work is organizational-design consulting with senior-management teams of product groups adopting LeSS


Feedback from previous courses

“It was inspiring to discuss LeSS with Craig Larman. The content of the course was top-notch.”

“The delivery was outstanding and the supporting material vast and detailed.”

“The best course I have ever been on. Totally blown away.”

Steve Alexander

Simone Zecchi

Simon Powers

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Accreditation and Certification:

The course is accredited by the LeSS Company and led by a Certified LeSS Trainer (CLT).
After completing the training, participants receive a Certified LeSS Executive
The cost of certification is included in the price of the training.

Group size:

8 to 36 people.


By registering for the training you accept the training terms & conditions.

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