Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) is two-day, advanced training, that prepares participants for the role of Agile Coach and team’s mentor. Through lecture, discussions and interactive exercises they learn what is Agile Culture and how to efficiently apply Scrum Principles and Agile Practices to lead and empower Agile team. Numerous examples from organizations of different size explain how to address potential challenges. Experienced Certified Scrum Trainer helps in gaining practice in explaining Scrum to organization, presenting different perspective and guiding team through change that would continuously improve product and their way of working.

For more details on CSM course see the training description.


Certified ScrumMaster

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  • 02 - 03 October 2017
  • 9.00am - 5.00pm


  • Berlin, Germany



Price includes:

  • Cost of two-day training.
  • Training materials including deck of Planning Poker Cards
  • Eligibility to take the Certified ScrumMaster exam, the successful completion of which results in the designation of Certified ScrumMaster from the Scrum Alliance,
  • Scrum Alliance membership fee for two years,
  • Lunches and coffee breaks.


Our goal is not to teach, but to make you learn. The scope of the training is always adjusted to the knowledge and expectations of the participants. Most often it covers the following topics, presented in the form of exercises and discussions in small groups, and short lectures:

    • Introduction
      • Scrum Values
      • Training goals and participants expectations
      • Working Agreements
    • Idea of Agile
      • Exercise: Ball Point Game
      • Short history of Sofware Development – traditional and iterative approaches
      • Being Agile vs Doing Agile - Agile Manifesto and Agile Mindset
    • Introduction to Scrum
      • Scrum Principles, elements and good practices
      • Exercise: Scrum Poster
      • Exercise: Scrum Events *
    • ScrumMaster Role:
      • ScrumMaster as a Servant Leader
      • Working with team, Product Owner and organization
      • Full time role? *
      • ScrumMaster toolbox
    • Product Owner Role:
      • What PO must, should and can’t
      • Exercise: That’s not what I meant
      • Product vs project approach *
    • Development Team role:
      • Exercise: Knot – Self-organization
      • Characteristic of effective team
    • Agile Requirements Management:
      • Iterative value delivery
      • Exercise: Slicing requirements
      • Exercise: Communication limitation
      • Exercise: User Stories *
      • Managing Product Backlog - prioritization and refinement
    • Retrospectives
      • Retrospective Framework
      • Timeline exercise
      • Facilitation
    • Agile planning and estimating
      • Planning Horizonts and estimation precision
      • Agile Estimating. Planning Poker exercise *
      • Release planning and tracking. Adapting to change
      • Planning and tracking Sprint. Velocity and Burn-down charts
    • Definition-of-Done and Undone work.
    • Engineering practices and Technical Debt *
    • Lego Scrum simulation *
    • Scrum in Organization.
      • Large Scale Scrum *
      • Introducing Scrum
    • Expectation Review

    * - optional topic, prioritized by participants and discussed depending on the needs.

      Additional Information

      Course is accredited by Scrum Alliance and led by Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). Upon completion of the course, attendees are eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster exam, the successful completion of which results in the designation of "Certified ScrumMaster" title from the Scrum Alliance.

      Training and materials will be delivered in ENGLISH.


      In order to register to public training, you can either fill in the registration form, send e-mail to register(at)procognita.com, or call +48-881-300-593.

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