Can anyone be a leader? Can anyone manage a team? We believe management is not only the manager’s responsibility. It’s everyone’s job! Leadership pursues the goal of growing and transforming organizations that are great places to work for, where people are engaged, the work is improved and clients are simply delighted.

Management 3.0 is a movement of innovation, leadership and management. Management 3.0 is redefining the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility. It’s about working together to find the most efficient way for a business to achieve its goals while maintaining the happiness of workers as a priority.

Management 3.0 is Agile and Lean approach to managing organizations. It's a global management revolution that brings together employees, managers, executives, investors and entrepreneurs, developing solutions together and creating a better place to work.

One day Management 3.0 Workout has you working out answers to shared questions with other people looking to improve their approach to management. These common questions include:

  • How can we motivate our workers?
  • How can we change the organization’s culture?
  • How can we change the mindset of managers?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we improve teamwork and team collaboration?
  • How can we can managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we develop people’s competencies?
  • How can we be agile when the organization is not?

While each workshop is tailored to attendees’ needs, like these questions, there are certain challenges that all managers, team leaders, project managers and C-level execs face.



This training focus purely on Agile Management practices. During one day you'll see over a dozen of them, used by different teams and organizations. You'll decide which one you like and could work for your organization. Experimenting and trying them out you'll create organization bringing joy to employees, customers and stakeholders.

Intended Audience

Each Workshop is different, adapting to the different attendees’ sectors and needs. Most workshops include a diverse mix of teammates and team leaders, project managers, knowledge workers, middle management and top-level execs, agile developers and scrum masters, human resources and start-up heads. At Management 3.0, we believe that management is too important just to be left to the managers, so anyone looking to improve management in their organization is a welcome addition to any workshop discussion.


1 day (8h)

Optionally this course could be preceded by two day Management 3.0 Workshop

Agile and Lean Training

Private Training

If you're interested in scheduling private course for your company please inquire.

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