Scrum Essentials

Scrum Essentials

The ideal way to start your work with Scrum. It introduces the mechanics of Scrum framework while building basics of healthy teams in Agile culture.


Although Scrum was created originally for software development, it is also used for industries outside the IT world like hardware production, sales, marketing, education or administration. And not without a success. The Scrum Essentials is highly recommended for non-technical people as it is not focusing on software engineering practices.

This training will take you into the real world of Scrum. You will be able to learn different product development approaches in practice. All this to help answer an important question – Is Scrum framework something I am looking for?

The Scrum Essentials training is conducted in the form of a workshop and designed to answer  questions:

  1. What Scrum really is about? What kind of values is it based on?
  2. What are Scrum basic elements? Why were they introduced in the first place? How to get the most out of them?
  3. What is the proper use of the Scrum framework? Where to start?
  4. What are the most common challenges at the beginning of Scrum adoption?

The training is accredited by the Scrum Alliance and covers required Learning Objectives.

Scrum Essentials training is dedicated for those who:

  • are looking for improvements in the way they work,
  • want to start using Scrum at work or leveling up their knowledge,
  • have creative work that requires frequent feedback from the client or user.

We invite:

  • Team members (especially for freshly created teams),
  • Beginner Scrum Masters and Product Owners and all those preparing for these roles,
  • Organization and team leaders,
  • Human Resources and administration departments representatives
  • Clients and non-technical collaborators of Scrum teams.


Basic - 1 day training.  Scope can be expanded to 2 days on request.


Polish or English (see detail information for particular event).


This course provides basics for further Scrum certification: Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified LeSS Practitioner.

Participants receive 8 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) towards Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification for each training day.

To apply for the training you need to accept Training Terms and Conditions.

You can purchase a Voucher for this training valid for 12 months.