The Phoenix Project

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The Phoenix Project: a DevOps simulation - OnLine Training

It is no longer a question of 'should we adopt DevOps' , but 'when and how'.  However DevOps represents a significant cultural and behavioral change and many organizations fail to address this in their adoption. 

This business game can be used to explore and understand DevOps, and to identify and agree on concrete actions for adopting and deploying DevOps practices.  

These online sessions are meant for awareness and reflection towards your internal practices in order to improve your own DevOps capabilities with a greater understanding of their business impacts. In some aspect we experience the online version as more powerful versus the in-person sessions! The limitations of going online brings even more attention to DevOps and reduces certain level of chaos an in-person variation might bring.

What you will learn:

  • How to apply DevOps principles in a real world situation?
  • How to develop the DevOps capabilities?
  • How to find the right balance between delivering your SLA requirements and your IT projects according to plan?
  • How to experience DevOps enabling serious value to your business?
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your IT Department?
  • How to create optimal flow of value in your teams?
  • How to develop people‚Äôs skills to act in a DevOps environment?
  • How to help business contribute to making their IT Projects really successful?

The training is recommended for:


who want to understand DevOps concept


planning to implement DevOps

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During the training you will:

  • experience more effective ways of collaboration in and between teams.
  • understand that DevOps represents a significant cultural and behavioral change.
  • identify and agree on concrete actions for adopting and deploying DevOps practices.
The Phoenix Project - Devops simulation

About our workshop:

  • This course will be highly interactive with a good balance between exercises and theory.
  • Be prepared to be surprised and acquire a huge load of new skills you can put in practice right away.
  • This course will be held in a safe and great atmosphere to maximise the learning
  • If you have any special wishes for the event let us know, we are here to make it a splendid experience.
Devops simulation
Online Devops Simulation

A simulation showing the advantages of the DevOps approach

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Our Partner:

The course is organized with cooperation with Co-Learning.

Group size:

6 to 18 people.


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