Create a great team

Do you want to better collaborate? Yes, of course. But how to achieve it? We have prepared a cheatsheet for you to help you choose the correct path.


If you want to broaden your knowledge and increase experience - start with training. You need to first understand what is going on, learn the vocabulary, basic assumptions, see a different perspective, try new tools in a safe environment. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time during other forms of learning.

Team Coaching

If your team already has some knowledge, but you feel that you can work much better - team coaching is for you. The coach focuses on improving relationships and communication methods, increasing competences and involvement. All this so that you can produce a better product in a more enjoyable and satisfying way.


If you know what you want to achieve, but your meetings are boring and inefficient - you need a facilitator. It is a neutral person who will take care of improving communication and facilitating cooperation in order to achieve the necessary results.

Agile Coaching (or the interaction of these methods)

If you are expanding your Agile skills, you usually need all above support at the same time. Then Agile Coaching will be the suitable for you. This concept is covering all the methods of cooperation mentioned above (with the exception of the mediation that we use, if needed). This is a long-lasting type of relationship - we stay with your company for many months (sometimes even years) to support you and others in gaining knowledge and experience, so that finally you are the most competent people in an agile team.

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