Guest Article: Richard Sheridan - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Agility

We agile veterans know that simply transforming a company's IT team to agility without affecting the rest of the business is the equivalent of putting a high performance engine and steering system inside of a freight train....


Scrum Principles

Author: Tomasz de Jastrzębiec Wykowski

‘Because Scrum Guide says so’ is an explanation I’ve heard few times recently from beginning ScrumMasters. Fist I was scared, but then I realized that is the way many of them learn Scrum. They read the Scrum Guide, or are being...


ScrumMaster as a Coach

Author: Justyna de Jastrzębiec Wykowska

You can hear that Scrum Master is a team coach. But not many people asks what it means to be a coach. What’s the difference between coach and mentor, trainer, manager or other people who are influencing our grow? And what’s the...


Facilitator Checklist

Author: Tomasz de Jastrzębiec Wykowski

What’s your first reaction when you get invitation to a meeting. Is it ‘cool, that’s gonna be fun’? Or rather ‘No! Not again!’. For many people meeting is a painful way of wasting time, while sitting during boring presentations,...


Product Agility Checklist

Author: Tomasz de Jastrzębiec Wykowski

Agile Engineering practices is a bad name. It suggest that only engineers should care about them. Many of them do, but improving practices and paying back technical debt is huge investment, requiring time, money and commitment.


Seven things I've learned climbing Mount Kazbek

Author: Tomasz de Jastrzębiec Wykowski

It’s last weekend of February. We’re sitting together with our friends, talking about everything and nothing, when one of them mentions ‘we’re going to climb Kazbek’. ‘Huh?’ I say, which is typical open question when you’ve no...


Code Dojo ... for Product Owners?!

Calling all Product Owners! Learn the essentials of Test Driven Development in a Code Dojo and a tool you are familiar with: PowerPoint!

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