Product Owner Key Skills

Expand your skills and tools to maximize customer value.
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Product Owner Key Skills

Who is the training for:

Product Owner

And for investors who want their organization to derive greater benefits from product development.

Team Members

Who want to collaborate with stakeholders and focus on delivering things that truly matter.

Product Development

Discover the secrets of effective entrepreneurs, as every product has potential. This training, led by world-renowned expert and founder of multiple startups, Gojko Adzic, will show you how to validate assumptions and adjust your development strategy based on market conditions. Become a key player in product management and learn how to engage stakeholders effectively and maximize profits.

After the training:

  • Create a map of your most important business goals and define the steps that can bring you closer to them.
  • Conduct Impact Mapping and Story Mapping sessions with your stakeholders.
  • Start discussing product outcomes rather than the team's velocity.
  • Organize your backlog even if it's really huge.
  • Avoid the "pet feature" trap – the president's favorite projects.
  • Decompose features into easily deliverable items.
  • Avoid getting stuck in technical features with no business value.
  • Conduct effective prioritization of ideas based on their value.

Training scope:

Working with a Large Backlog
  • "The Story Hell" and How to Avoid It
  • Techniques for Organizing Even the Largest Backlogs (500+ items).
The Art of Decomposing Large Features.
  • Creating Small Features that Contribute to Big Plans
  • Splitting Stories That Are Too Large but Hard to Divide
  • Technical Stories and How to Avoid Them
Working with Stakeholders
  • Identifying and Engaging Key Stakeholders
  • Effectively Managing Competing Stakeholder Needs
  • Distinguishing Valuable Feedback
Delivering Value
  • Setting Priorities Based on Real Value
  • Understanding When to Invest in Functionality and When to Let Go
  • Progress Metrics Better Than "Story Points"
Planning in a Variable Environment
  • Incorporating User Research Findings into Release Strategy
  • Creating a Feature Map and Release Plan When Iterative Delivery Isn't Feasible
Visualization and Reporting
  • Applying Visualization Techniques for Product Strategy
  • Creating Valuable Result Reports.
Facilitator Workshop
  • User Story Mapping
  • Impact Mapping
  • Active Participation in These Sessions
  • Effective Facilitation of Product Sessions

Recommended by students:

Jakub Drzazga

You will understand what it means and how to manage product. You will be focused on vaue not delivery.



Best training I attended in last few years. Gojko has a huge experience and share a lot of practical advices, that would be hard to get in a different way.

As part of the Product Owner Key Skills training, you will receive:

  • 14 hours of intensive training,
  • 14 SEU points for the Scrum Alliance educational path,
  • the book Impact Mapping,
  • the book Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your User Stories,
  • access to a discussion group bringing together training participants from around the world.

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