Product Owner Key Skills

Product Owner Key Skills training

The training helps to maximize the return on investment in product development and provides tools for creating a business strategy. Knowledge and experience is shared by a global expert in this area - Gojko Adzic.

What you will learn:

  • How to manage the product and deliver it to achieve strategic goals faster
  • How to involve stakeholders
  • How to achieve your business goals quickly
  • How to choose functions and set their priorities to achieve better results
  • When to stop investing in a given functionality
  • How to make the most of the Product Owner's tools

The training is recommended for:

Training Scope

  • Impact Mapping - how to participate and facilitate.
  • Identification of key stakeholders.
  • Managing competing stakeholder needs.
  • Organizing huge backlogs (500+ elements).
  • Decomposition of large functionalities.
  • Prioritization based on ROI.
  • Product strategy visualization.
  • Valuable results reporting structures.
  • User Story Mapping facilitator's session and workshop.

Product Owner Key Skills Training Includes:

  • 14h of intensive training
  • 14 SEU points to the Scrum Alliance educational path
  • Access to a discussion group of training participants from around the world,

Participants feedback

This course is an opportunity to understand how to start working on and discover the real value, not imagined. Opens for a new approach and realizes that there is a necessity to work on change, not on features.

Gojko gives a lot of examples & is truly passionate about what he teaches.

This guy knows how to cut the crap. He answers all questions, training related or not. Great value, a lot of examples.

Agata, ScrumMaster @ SIENN

Bartosz Juszczak, ScrumMaster

Bojan Milutinovic, ScrumMaster @ TomTom

Training with the author of books Impact Mapping and Specification By Example!

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Group size:

7 to 28 people.


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