Product Owner Key Skills

Product Owner Key Skills training

The training helps to maximize the return on investment in product development and provides tools for creating a business strategy. Knowledge and experience is shared by a global expert in this area - Gojko Adzic.

What you will learn:

  • How to manage the product and deliver it to achieve strategic goals faster
  • How to involve stakeholders
  • How to achieve your business goals quickly
  • How to choose functions and set their priorities to achieve better results
  • When to stop investing in a given functionality
  • How to make the most of the Product Owner's tools

The training is recommended for:

Training Scope

  • Impact Mapping - how to participate and facilitate.
  • Identification of key stakeholders.
  • Managing competing stakeholder needs.
  • Organizing huge backlogs (500+ elements).
  • Decomposition of large functionalities.
  • Prioritization based on ROI.
  • Product strategy visualization.
  • Valuable results reporting structures.
  • User Story Mapping facilitator's session and workshop.

Product Owner Key Skills Training Includes:

  • 14h of intensive training
  • 14 SEU points to the Scrum Alliance educational path
  • Access to a discussion group of training participants from around the world,
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during the training.

Participants feedback

This course is an opportunity to understand how to start working on and discover the real value, not imagined. Opens for a new approach and realizes that there is a necessity to work on change, not on features.

Gojko gives a lot of examples & is truly passionate about what he teaches.

This guy knows how to cut the crap. He answers all questions, training related or not. Great value, a lot of examples.

Agata, ScrumMaster @ SIENN

Bartosz Juszczak, ScrumMaster

Bojan Milutinovic, ScrumMaster @ TomTom

Training with the author of books Impact Mapping and Specification By Example!

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Group size:

7 to 28 people.


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