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Do you want your product to be unique and appreciated by the users? Learn how to recognize that you provide users with what they really need.


Product discovery

Whether you're just starting to build a new product or have been on the market for decades, there are still things you want to know. We will help you discover your product. Depending on your needs, we can:

  • create a product vision and define goals to maintain product consistency;
  • identify stakeholders and describe users to suit the product to their needs;
  • prioritize work to focus on what's most important;
  • determine how to deliver maximum value within short iterations;
  • create a Product Backlog, Release Plan, and Roadmap.

Discovering a product is a workshop in which stakeholders and team members take part.

Support for Product Owners

Are you a Product Owner? If so, then you know it is a heavy duty. A great team with a weak Product Owner will quickly deliver something that your customers do not need. That's why we can support you by:

  • providing knowledge and skills via training Certified Scrum Product Owner and Product Owner Key Skills,
  • mentoring and coaching, when you work directly with one of our Agile Coaches.

You will choose the best method of cooperation yourself.

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