What We've Learned by Scrumming Sales and Support Teams

For over two decades Scrum has been primarily used by Software Development teams. Ensuring transparency gives them a number of benefits, such as the ability to focus on value, experiment, improve and quickly react to new knowledge. Given its widespread adoption, it comes as no surprise that non-IT groups have shown interest in Scrum. However their context, product and situation often differ from teams delivering a software product, therefore their path to agility might also be different. Over the last two years, we’ve been working with a couple of non-IT teams experimenting with Scrum. During that period we’ve noticed a number of similarities, but also significant differences between software development and non-technical groups. We will give you overview of our experiences so that you’ll be better prepared for transforming your organization.

Case Study

Our experiences from Introducing Scrum in Sales and Customer Support Teamsin inFakt and Codewise companies were gathered in a Case Study prepared for XP 2018 conference.


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