Videos every Scrum Master should see

My last article Where can I read about Agile and Scrum? attracted significant attention. Therefore I've decided to extend it with list o videos, which should be seen by everyone works with Agile. There are lots of materials from various conferences, but I've decided to focus on those most important ones, with a simple and clear message. Two keys to choose them were 1) less than 20 minutes (to include TED's talks) and 2) quality to length ratio (to focus on short and good ones). Below you can find my list, without any specific order. I hope you don't mind that some of these items occurred in the previous article as well. 

Introduction to Agile and Scrum

Agile Teams

Agile Products

Agile Organization

Lean and System Thinking

Working in the complex environment

If you're looking for less serious videos, please have a look at These funny videos you've shown on the training.

I'm extending this list basing on ideas from friends, other trainers and coaches. If you know anything that should be added here, let me know.