30.10.2017 Talks

Conflict? Try Perspective Switch

Different opinions, different agendas, conflict of interests or personal conflict. Wise people say “To understand another human you have to walk a mile in his shoes”.  One of the coaching techniques is using this approach. If you want to solve conflict this is really important to look at situation with perspective of the other person.

This workshop has been created to give you experience of standing in other people shoes. You will be able to observe how it will influence your emotions and approach to problem solving.

By attending this session you’ll get hands-on experience in using Perspective Switch technique for conflict resolution. This is not just a workshop game. This is tool that is successfully used in real life situations. With our cheat sheet you’ll be able to use this approach when back to your office.

To create conflict situation during workshop we are using role-play technique and assigning contradicting parties different agendas. Facilitator is a person who is not involve into conflict. He has important role to lead group by three phases necessary to deal with conflict situation:

  • gathering data about problem with focus on active listening,
  • observing problem from other point of view to generate insights
  • reaching consensus

Find facilitator cheat sheet here.