Code Dojo ... for Product Owners?!


Calling all Product Owners! Learn the essentials of Test Driven Development in a Code Dojo and a

tool you are familiar with: PowerPoint!

As a product owner, you get the quality you ask for. As a developer, you need to convince the PO in words s/he understands, why quality is important and how to get it. Let’s apply Test Driven Development (TDD), pair programming, codo dojos and other agile practices to a problem of that many Product Owner’s can relate to: creating a presentation. This workshop builds a bridge between the world of a product owner and the reality of a software developer!

In this workshop, you will :

  1. Learn how test driven development works to create high reliability code
  2. Learn how a code-dojo works to teach pair programming and share information in the team
  3. Experience Pair Programming, TDD and a Code Dojo to collaboratively create a presentation

Workshop took place during Global Scrum Gathering Munich, on October 19th and was led by two Certified Scrum Trainers - Peter Stevens and Tomasz Wykowski.

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