Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development training

Lean is not just about a kanban system! Learn the tools Toyota Production System is famous for and see how to apply them in software development. Find out why it takes so long to deliver value in your company and how you can eliminate wastes to quickly meet your customers' and organization's goals. A two-day workshop inspired by the creators of Lean Software Development (Mary and Tom Poppendieck), the author of The Way of Toyota (Jeff Liker) and our visits to Toyota factories and other companies using the Lean approach.

What you will learn:

  • Why delivering value takes so long and what to do about it.
  • How to identify and eliminate wastes to increase process efficiency.
  • What engineering practices support a Lean approach.
  • How to plan work to meet the deadline.
  • How to find out what users really need.
  • What Lean is and how to apply Lean Manufacturing concepts in software development.
  • What organizational structures are supporting innovation and value delivery.
  • How to enable employees to continuously improve the process.
  • How to effectively implement changes in your organization.
  • What is the role of a leader in a Lean organization?

The training is recommended for:

Scope of training

  • Value Stream
    • Pull vs Push - value delivery simulation
    • Lean values, principles and tools
    • The efficiency paradox
    • Wastes and how to find them in software development
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Organization
    • Andon system and continuous improvement
    • Organization structure ready for innovation, multi-team cooperation
    • the role of Lean Leader
    • Understanding the root cause - the 5 Whys technique.
  • Lean Process - building the product right
    • How to shorten the time to deliver value
    • What slows us down in Software Development - Lean engineering practices
  • Lean Product - building the right product
    • How to discover what users want and quickly validate an idea
    • Multitasking versus focusing on a single goal
  • Visualizing the future
    • Future state map
    • Implementing changes - A3 technique

Lean Software Development Training Includes:

  • 16h of training with Lean Software Development practitioner
  • Stories from our customers and international Lean corporations,
  • Printed and electronic materials
  • 16 SEU for the Scrum Alliance learning path,
  • Training diploma
  • Lunch and coffee breaks

Participants feedback

It can change the way you think about product development

I can recommend it to every “Scrum guy” just to gain a different point of view on Agile

Great opportunity to learn from Mary

Lean isn't just about kanban!
Apply Lean practices in Software Development.

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Group size:

5 to 15 people.


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