Mariusz Petlic

The quality of the product is created by the quality of the process.

Wondering how to achieve the high quality of your product? Do you want to improve the process of its creation? It's a good way. Quality is, after all, the foundation on which you build user satisfaction. And just behind the quality are more revenue and strengthening your position on the market.

I am also fascinated by the quality of the product and the process. I would like to help you refine your product so that customers are satisfied and recommend it to others. That is why it is important to constantly improve the process of creating a product. If you do not want to spend money on activities that may end in failure, we can find together the best models for creating new products and developing existing ones.

I worked with companies: ComputerLand, Systemy Kodów Kreskowych,, As an active Scrum Master, I supported and built teams. Now I'm an Agile Coach. At work with major companies I have learned how to test products and I will gladly share this knowledge with you.

I can reveal some details now. The key role is played by: awareness, self-organization, trust and communication. You will say it is obvious. Yes, but the most important are the methods of pursuing the maturity and joy of working in the Agile environment, and these are not so widely known. I met them and I will tell you about them if we have the opportunity to meet. See you later!