Krzysztof Niewinski

Quick adaptation to new conditions is not a opportunity but a necessity

I am fascinated by the simplification of organization and the release of human potential. Therefore, when I meet people who want to improve their products, I infect them with my passion. I provide knowledge and support organizational changes showing the benefits of adapting "agility". To achieve better results, IT and business must work closely together. If they do not know how, I will find the right way.

Business often asks me for a recipe for high competitiveness and strong market position. I answer: in today's economic model, it is necessary to adapt Agile / Lean culture and practices. They lead to the maximization of the value of products and their quick delivery to users, which is decisive.

How to achieve the desired effect? The key is to simplify organizational structures and orient them around the client. This change causes a change in the dynamics of teams and people's behavior, that is, the culture of the organization. The environment is constantly evolving, it has to be in business. Whoever sleeps the moment may never regain his lost position.

Training and workshops

During my training I help to understand the benefits of using Agile / Lean, I show effective tools for managing and streamlining processes. You will also learn how to use the acquired knowledge in practice. The most important is building effective product teams. If you also see a need, I will tell you how to remove difficulties, engage people and successfully change the process of change.