Justyna Wykowska

Behind every product, there are people who are creating it

Since 2005, I have been constantly involved in product development. For 11 years I worked for Motorola Solutions, leading international teams developing solutions, which included not only software, but also dedicated hardware. I have traveled the way from a team member to a manager of a large department responsible for innovative products and built over 20 successful teams. Since 2014, I have been supporting companies from various business sectors as a mentor and consultant. I have worked with companies such as Codewise, inPost, BSH, HRS or Kontakt Simon.

If you want to chech how cooperation with me looks like - read the Case Study.

I do not offer "template" solutions, so I start each cooperation with getting to know the company, building relationships, setting goals and methods of their verification. I adapt the methods and the pace of changes to the expectations and capabilities of the group in order to maximize its strengths. During transformation, I support teams as well as work with the management, board of directors, leaders and departments responsible for talent development and recruitment. For my clients I prepare dedicated trainings and workshops, I am a mentor and coach and my primary goal is that the organization is able to improve their way of working on its own.

Agile training and workshops

If you use Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, or just create code, regardless of the method of work, you can always work more effectively.

Take part in my coaching and mentoring sessions, training or workshops and you will feel how effective teamwork can be and how you can look at your product from a completely different angle.