Justyna Wykowska

Behind every product, there are people who are creating it

Who am I? An engineer, software developer, manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, trainer, personal coach, Agile specialist ...

I will help you utilize your strengths to achieve goals that are important for you. My primary focus during working with a team is creating a healthy atmosphere and habit of effective cooperation. I've built over 20 fantastic teams so far, working with them as a leader or coach.

My knowledge and experience was gained by working with various clients and products. I have been working for Motorola Solutions for more than a decade, leading international teams creating large products. I walked my way from a team member to the manager of a huge department so I understand all level of organizations, also outside the IT industry. Since 2014, I have been supporting companies from many business sectors.

I love to talk, joke and share knowledge. Apparently I have male logic, feminine intuition, sharp language and persistence ... worthy of a better cause. You can always come across me at conferences and meetings of local communities. You can also look at my publications.

Agile training and workshops

If you use Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, or just create code, regardless of the method of work, you can always work more effectively.

Take part in my coaching and mentoring sessions, training or workshops and you will feel how effective teamwork can be and how you can look at your product from a completely different angle.