Joe Justice

Joe Justice applied agile to automotive manufacturing in 2006, founding Team WIKISPEED - the first iteratively developed car. He has designed and built 14 race and road-legal cars himself, some designed and built as fast as 27 minutes. He has also built some small houses and some robots. His method of cross-training CAD, CAM, CFD, FEA, procurement, Machine Shop, Composites Shop, Test, and user testing has earned global recognition as the WIKISPEED method. His teams have held 4 world records. In 2020 joined Tesla, where operated Agile@Tesla from the company headquarters.

Joe created discipline eXtreme Manufacturing, Scrum@Hardware and earns his living by consulting globally on agile hardware and company restructuring, bringing multinational companies increased return on capital. You can find some of his insights in his book Scrum Master: The Agile Training Seminar for Business Performance

Joe Justice is a speaker, guest lecturer at MIT, Oxford University, UC Berkeley, The University of Washington, speaking at Google, Microsoft, Zynga, Lockheed Martin, HP Labs and many others.  He has worked with all 3 of the largest military and defence contractors, autonomous and smart road technologies, ultra-lightweight structures, AI labs. Joe's work has been featured in professional channels such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNN Money, the Discovery Channel.

Trainings with Joe Justice

Working with ProCognita, Joe is conducting Agile Hardware Development training.

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March 2022