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I do not accept solutions for faith, I like to know what, how and why it works

A few months after one of the trainings, I met employees of the company in which we implemented Agile methods. It turned out that the knowledge gained helped them to solve many teamwork problems. It took a lot of effort to change their mindset, but it paid off. It was the greatest satisfaction and inspiration for me to continue working.

I have been involved in the IT industry since the beginning of my professional career. I was the administrator of Linux systems, and then I started the adventure with Agile in a development team using Scrum. I also worked in a system maintenance team that implemented Kanban. Then I got all over in Agile and I worked as a Scrum Master in various companies, including in PayU (Allegro group) and PZU. I also started research on motivation in agile teams. I publish their results on the scienceagile.com blog.

You do not have time to learn how to effectively make a good software (and not only) yourself? I will give you a few tried and tested solutions, because as an Agile Coach I do not rely on suppositions, but on hard research. I believe that thanks to the use of agile methods, you can have a satisfied board, a happy customer and committed employees who like what they do.

And besides, sharing my knowledge and experience gives me great pleasure.

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