Chet Hendrickson

Chet Hendrickson has a over three decades of experience in information technology and software development. He has been active in Agile software development since its beginning and was the team leader on the Chrysler C3 project, the first project to follow all the practices of Extreme Programming. Chet was the first signatory of the Agile Manifesto.


Cheta Hendrikson's book

In 2000, Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, and Chet wrote Extreme Programming Installed. It detailed XP's core practices, how to do them, and how they work together to help teams be successful.


Chet Hendrickson about Scrum

In many cases, the problems discovered by Scrum are root caused in lack of engineering practices. Scrum teams developing software should understand and apply the practice of Extreme Programming. If you want to know what Chet thinks about Scrum, we invite you to read the article he wrote especially for you.


Training with Chet Hendrickson

If you want to learn engineering practices from the creator of this concept join Chet's training. You will learn what Extreme Programming is, how to Pair Program, apply Test Driven Development and Refactor code. Attention! The real code will emerge.

If you are Certified ScrumMaster after a 3-day Extreme Programming course with Chet, you will receive the Certified Scrum Developer title.