Bogdan Brzescinski

It is hard to find an entrepreneur or a programmer today who will not agree with the main Agile rules. Everyone wants to develop the product quickly. Customer satisfaction is key to every company. Everyone wants their offer to be tested and everything works flawlessly. The main Agile commandments are also my priorities in working with Procognita.

My adventure with Agile began in 2012 when I joined the team. From the beginning, I put the client in the center of all activities. I know the company's offer from the inside and I can answer every question. I deal with difficult organizational work, preparation of training offers, coaching and thinking about Procognita as a reliable mechanism.

First, the customer goes to me. Then I take everything: the first impression, comprehensive service, and finally a summary of cooperation along with the settlement. I am a sales team and logistics company in one person. What's more, I use Agile methods in my work. This is my passion.

I also actively work for the local ALE Krakow community. In 2014, I was one of the organizers of the international conference "Agile Lean Europe 2014". I am expanding my knowledge with Polish and foreign trainers.

What is the most important for me? Good relationship with the client. It allows you to quickly eliminate misunderstandings. In addition, I add transparency to communication and achieve the goal that has been the basis of the Agile method since its announcement in 2001.

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