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Did you like our talks and interviews? Do you want to run a workshop for new product discovery or maybe lead a great retrospective?

Invite us to inspire your audience and learn how to fully utilize Agile and Lean to build teams, organizations and products.


    Our workshops are a great opportunity to engage people and experience new ideas.


    Our interactive talks engage your audience and show different aspects of Agile and Lean. recently we talk about:

    Events where we have been present:

    • : Agile Prague, Prague, Czech
    • Support of Test Well, Krakow, Poland
    • : AgileByExample, Warsaw, Poland
    • Support and presenting at Agile Estern Europe, Kiev, Ukraine
    • Support of ACE! Conference, Krakow, Poland
    • : (Keynote) Unexpected Unconference, Krakow, Poland
    • : ALE Kraków, Krakow, Poland
    • Support and presenting at 33rd Degree Conference 2012,
    • : IT Career Conference 2012, Krakow, Poland
    • : Agile Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
    • Organization and support of Central and Eastern Europe Conference for Software Process Improvement 2011, Warsaw, Poland
    • : Agile Eastern Europe 2011, Kiev, Ukraine
    • : Whale Riders Conference 2011, Moscow, Russia
    • Support Agile Central Europe, Krakow, Poland