ProCognita was created in 2010 to promote the Agile and Lean approach to software development. Since then, we have been sharing knowledge and supporting organizations through training, mentoring, talks and conferences. Together we trained over 2000 people in 6 countries on two continents. We provide more than half of Scrum Certified Training on the Polish market. We are the only company able to provide CSM and CSPO training in Polish.

We work with several international Agile and Lean organizations, such as the Scrum Alliance. Our partners and friends provide us with support and knowledge and a different perspective on working with clients.

Our clients are companies of all sizes - from Start-ups to international corporations.

We always are putting our effort into understanding your needs and providing solutions tailored to your situation. We do not promote tools just because they are popular.

We make a long relationship with our clients. Thanks to that they recommend us to others.

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We are guided by Agile values and principles in our daily work.

We know what we do and this is our passion. Each of our coaches has experience in the use of Agile and Lean. We have different backgrounds and worked in different organizations, but we share common values.

We are proud of our team. We have known each other for a long time and ha great relationships. At any time you can get to know us and find out who may you work with.

We will provide you the professionals you need, not the cheapest trainers on the market. We will enable you to create a relationship that will not disappear with the end of cooperation.

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We are always searching for knowledge and new solutions. We are participating in conferences and learning from each other - together we train and support our clients.

We are speaking at conferences and meetings of local Agile groups. We support and co-organize them. We invite international experts and organize advanced courses so that you can learn from others.

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