Certified Scrum Product Owner

calendar 28 - 29 October 2024 | Krakow
Duration: 16 H [9:00-17:30]
Language: Polish
Price till 28.09.2024: 850 EURO + VAT
Price from 29.09.2024: 940 EURO + VAT
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Certified Scrum Product Owner

Certified Scrum Product Owner -  user-centric product discovery

Discover what your users need and create an amazing product. Regardless of your role in the product creation process, gain the skills necessary for iterative product development in an ever-changing business environment. Our training combines exercises, simulations, stories from our clients, and practical product management techniques to enable you to understand how to transform vision into a real product, build relationships with stakeholders and the team, and utilize agile tools and techniques in your daily work. Over two days, you will learn about the role of the Product Owner in Scrum, understand the value of using Agile Product Development, and participate in a Product Discovery workshop. Recommended for everyone who wants to add value to the product, from business analysts and product designers to product managers and anyone aspiring to take on the role of Product Owner or Product Manager.

After the training:

  • You will define user-focused products.
  • You will explain to your company the value of having a dedicated Product Owner.
  • You will understand the benefits of an iterative approach and your role in the Scrum process.
  • You will collaborate effectively with the team, Scrum Master, and stakeholders.
  • You will create and convey the product vision.
  • You will identify who is a stakeholder of your product and understand their Product Backlog.

Who is the training for:

Product Owner

wishing to better understand their role and learn effective work tools.

Scrum Master

wishing to more effectively support their Product Owners.

UI/UX Designer

Seeking to expand their product discovery skills, increase the value of the solutions they propose, and enhance their impact on product development.

Training scope:

Agility in Business
  • Work Models - when a company needs an Agile approach.
  • What agility is and why it's hard to achieve.
  • How a company's structure affects the ability to deliver value.
  • How Scrum supports iterative product development.
  • The key role of the Product Owner in agile methodologies.


Everything You Need to Know About the Product Owner
  • Qualities of a Good Product Owner
  • What a Product Owner should focus on, or how to do more of what's essential.
  • How to develop Product Owner competencies after training.
  • The collaboration of the Product Owner with the team.
  • Why a Product Owner needs a Scrum Master.
  • The role of the Product Owner in Scrum events.
  • Product Owner vs. Product Manager.
Product Discovery and Iterative Value Delivery
  • What is product discovery, or why the Product Owner is wrong.
  • How many products a company has, or how to define a product.
  • The time of delivering value and how Scrum allows to shorten it.
  • Why the Product Owner cares about the Completed Increment of the product.
Product Vision and Strategy
  • How to define and execute the product vision.
  • Setting success criteria for the product.
  • Why the Product Owner needs a Product Goal.
Interaction and Collaboration
  • Understanding the context, or why documenting requirements won't solve your problems.
  • Who the stakeholders are and how to effectively collaborate with them.
  • Understanding user needs and creating personas.
  • User Stories as a collaboration technique.
  • Hypotheses and techniques for testing them.
Product Development Management
  • Gathering expectations and effectively managing the Product Backlog.
  • Prioritization techniques and maximizing business value.
  • An iterative and incremental approach to product creation.
  • A two-dimensional look at the Product Backlog - User Story Mapping.
  • Why estimating doesn't work, or planning work and responding to change in a volatile environment.

Recommended by students:

Magdalena Swornowska-Sajniak, Open Nexus Sp. z o.o.

High-level training. A well-balanced dose of theoretical knowledge presented in an extremely digestible way along with a wealth of practical knowledge, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of this training. Excellent interaction between participants, exchange of experiences, and the great brain of the entire operation - Tomek, thanks to whom, right after the introduction, you know this will be the training you want to be at!

Marta Tomek, Global Product Support, QIAGEN,

The training is considered excellent. As a beginner in SCRUM, it was very well explained, great examples, very dynamic training, many interesting aspects were covered, fantastic trainer, and well-chosen training materials. It allowed for a better understanding of product development in the SCRUM process and the process itself. I am convinced that this knowledge will help in my work. I am delighted and highly recommend it.

Agnieszka Wawrynek, Technical Product Owner dla Coca-Cola App EU

The training is interestingly prepared and conducted! Tomek's way of sharing knowledge is effective and makes it easy to understand the topic. Nicely prepared materials - the notes are super helpful. Additionally, the relaxed atmosphere at the training also makes it easier to absorb the subject :)

Certified Scrum Trainer
Tomasz Wykowski

I am the only Polish Certified Scrum Trainer, CST accredited by Scrum Alliance and LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer accredited by LeSS Company. Some say that my strong point is that I perfectly understand the needs of young companies. I know what they need and I can reach them because I know their problems and way of thinking

I have worked as a software engineer, project manager, Scrum Master. I know the delivery of products from all perspectives. In 2010, I founded ProCognita to help people build extraordinary organizations through Agile Coaching and training. I adhere to the principle that the theory alone does not give anything. Lectures and watching subsequent presentations will not improve your skills. The effects can only be obtained through experience and looking at the problem from different perspectives.

As part of the Certified Scrum Product Owner training, you will receive:

  • 16 hours of interactive training without PowerPoint and boring lectures,
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate,
  • Agile Box - a set of materials for Product Owner, including the book "Business Demystified",
  • a diploma of completion of the training,
  • membership in Scrum Alliance and extension of current certifications,
  • lunch and coffee breaks.
Certified Scrum Product Owner
calendar 28 - 29 October 2024 | Krakow
Price till 28.09.2024: 850 EURO + VAT
Price from 29.09.2024: 940 EURO + VAT
Do you pay out of your own pocket? Write - we have discounts and installments for you!
Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Frequently asked questions

Can I obtain a certificate after the training?

Yes, after completing the training you will obtain the Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate.


Are there any discounts available if I decide to pay for the course with my own funds?

Yes, we offer special discounts for people who decide to pay for the Certified Scrum Product Owner course from their own funds. Please contact us to discuss details.

Is it possible to pay for the Certified Scrum Product Owner course in installments?

Yes, we offer the option of splitting payments into convenient installments. Please contact us for details,

Can I buy a voucher for Certified Scrum Product Owner training?

Yes, you can purchase a Voucher for Certified Scrum Master training, valid for 12 months. Please contact us with your request.

What are the terms & conditions for participating in the Certified Scrum Product Owner training?

By registering for the Certified Scrum Product Owner training, you accept the Training Terms and Conditions.

What are the payment policies for Certified Scrum Product Owner training?

You can pay for the Certified Scrum Product Owner training by transfer, card, or using a training voucher. The final price of the training is determined based on the date of registration, not the date of payment of the invoice.

What if I am unable to attend the Certified Scrum Product Owner training after purchasing a ticket?

We know unexpected things happen. You can cancel your participation in the training free of charge up to one month before its date. In other cases, please contact us and we will find the best solution.

More information can be found in our Training Terms and Conditions.


Do I have to pay extra for the CSPO certification?

No, the training price includes Certified Scrum Product Owner certification and a two-year membership fee in the Scrum Alliance organization.

Are there any additional benefits after completing the Certified Scrum Product Owner training?

After completing the Certfied Scrum Product Owner course, you will receive a two-year membership in Scrum Alliance.

Does the Certified Scrum Product Owner training end with an exam?

No, after the training you don't need to pass the exam. Obtaining the Certified Product Owner certificate requires participation in the training.