Certified LeSS Practitioner

Build Agile products and organizations regardless of size.
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Certified LeSS Practitioner

Who is the training for:


seeking solutions to increase efficiency across the entire organization.

Change Leaders

engaged in transforming organizations on a large scale.

Effective Scaling of Agile Without the Pitfalls of Traditional Management and Prolonged Planning Phases.

The program includes a brief yet insightful introduction to "Designing Agile Organizations", "Leadership with Obeya", and "Org Topologies™", enriching your Agile toolkit.

With over 20 years of experimenting joyfully, we share battle-tested practices that enable effective organizational change implementation.

Discover how to revolutionize your organization's approach to be ready for product development in a rapidly changing business environment. Our course offers cutting-edge strategies that go beyond traditional frameworks, focusing on practical agility, team empowerment, and quick market change adaptation. See how new approaches such as "Designing Agile Organizations", "Leading with Obeya", and "Org Topologies™" elevate the level of LeSS to navigate the complexities of modern business. It's not about applying a framework; it's about evolving the organization's DNA to be more dynamic, responsive, and competitive.

Embark on an enlightening journey with our course and become a Certified LeSS Practitioner equipped with practical knowledge and a deep understanding of Agile dynamics. Your learning doesn't end in the training room – gain exclusive access to the less.works portal, a treasure trove of LeSS resources and books by Bas Vodde and Craig Larman. Additionally, become part of the elite Boost Your Scrum community, a vibrant network for exchanging experiences and seeking inspiration with access to exclusive online events. It's more than a course; it's your gateway to mastering Agile excellence. Register today and redefine your professional path!

What can you expect during the course?:

  • You will embark on a transformational journey into the realm of Agile, enriched with the latest insights on Leading with Obeya and Org Topologies.
  • You will immerse yourself in LeSS frameworks, tailored to the needs of those aspiring to master large-scale product development with an edge in modern leadership techniques.

Training scope:

Principles and Frameworks of LeSS
Scaling Agile Development for Multiple Teams
Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing Benefits
Organizing Around Customer Value
Functional Teams and Product Backlog Management
The Role of Management in Agile Environments
The Role of the Product Owner in Multi-Team Scrum
The Role of the Scrum Master in LeSS
Applying LeSS in Your Organization
Designing Agile Organizations:

<ul> <li>Strategies for effectively structuring beyond a single product group or in product groups encompassing over 1000 employees</li> </ul>

Org Topologies™:
  • Designing and Developing Organizational Structures to Maximize Adaptive Capabilities

Leading with Obeya:
  • Enhancing Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
Group Exercises and Case Studies from Real Companies
Systems Modeling for Organizational Health
Case Studies and Questions & Answers:
  • Insights from Successful LeSS Adaptations, with an Emphasis on New Elements

As part of the training, you will receive:

  • 27 hours of intensive training,
  • Certified LeSS Practitioner certificate,
  • membership and profile on the LeSS website,
  • training materials in printed and electronic form,
  • access to materials on the LeSS website including three books by the creators of LeSS,
  • 27 SEU points towards the Scrum Alliance educational track,
  • a diploma for completing the training.

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