Org Topologies™ Practitioner

calendar 04 - 05 December 2024 | Warsaw
Duration: 16 H
Language: English
Price till 04.11.2024: 1090 EURO + VAT
Price from 05.11.2024: 1490 EURO + VAT
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Org Topologies Practitioner

How to lead organization with clear long term vision

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is more important than ever for organisations to remain agile and adaptable. To address this need we have developed this practical two-day course for executives, managers and consultants.

The goal of the course is to give you the skills necessary to design, assess and maintain agile ecosystems at the enterprise-wide level to solve existing challenges by extending agility beyond team boundaries and established frameworks.

What you will learn during this two-day masterclass:

  • Adaptability Mastery: Navigate and lead your organization to higher adaptability.
  • Customer Focus: Ensure long-term relevance for your customers and stakeholders.
  • Business Agility: Achieve goals with freedom, flexibility, and resilience.
  • Digital Age Thriving: Compete and thrive by seizing market opportunities.
  • System Understanding: Build a solid foundation for effective change.
  • Innovative Learning: Utilize the “Org Design Studio” for hands-on organizational design.

Who is the training for:


responsible for the company's strategy and in need of tools for adaptability in a dynamic environment.


seeking solutions to increase efficiency across the entire organization.


engaged in transforming organizations on a large scale.

Training scope:

Challenges of the industry

"agile is dead", the prevalence of scaling frameworks and emergence of the DIY-methods, unsuccessful transformations.

The essence of OrgTopologies™

two key org design drivers that determine organizational development.

Sixteen archetypes of organization design for product development.
Three ecosystems capturing the most recognizable dynamics in digital product development.
Organizational stickiness and key paradigm shifts to overcome for real change.
The capability gap and product gap
Practice: participants learn to assess their organization to find (mis)fits between strategy, capabilities and org design.
Practice: participants assess popular scaling frameworks and methods (SAFe, unFix, Team Topologies, FaST, LeSS, etc.) to understand their key differences, limitations and applicability boundaries.
A case study of deep organizational change towards the higher-level archetypes.
Personal transformation journeys of product managers, engineering managers, team members.
Elevating Structures™ - practices and experiments to guide your organizations towards the higher-level archetypes.

Recommended by students:

Benoît Batailler

This training has proven extremely valuable in assessing our progress on our agile journey. An engaging and interactive workshop, where we collectively explored and discovered new insights.

Steinar Haldorsen

Thank you so much for igniting/ boosting my inspiration to continue coaching organizations.

Zuzi Sochova

For me OrgTopologies™ concept brought new light and joy into scaling conversations and I would highly recommend it for any organization no matter how far they are on their agile journey.

Org consultant, PST
Roland Flemm

Roland Flemm (PST) became a Scrum Master in 2009 closing his 20-year career as a developer and infrastructure specialist. Roland grew into international agile consulting with a focus on large scaled Scrum adoptions since 2015. He has been actively appearing in the Agile community as a conference speaker.

Roland Flemm is the creator of the Koos Coach agile comic series and created the "Elements of Scrum" Scrumcards a Scrum learning tool. 

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)
Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey Krivitsky has been a developer, scrum master, conference producer, and speaker. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and works as an organization agility coach.

He has been using Scrum since 2005, he is probably the first Scrum Master of Ukraine. Since 2008, he has been actively appearing in the arena of the Agile community as a conference producer and speaker.

He is the author of one of the most popular Scrum educational simulation games: lego4scrum.

Org Topologies™ Practitioner
calendar 04 - 05 December 2024 | Warsaw
Price till 04.11.2024: 1090 EURO + VAT
Price from 05.11.2024: 1490 EURO + VAT
Do you pay out of your own pocket? Write - we have discounts and installments for you!
Org Topologies Practitioner

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