Liberate Your Remote Team to High Performance

04 March 2022 | Online

Trainer: Michael Nir
Location: Online
Language: English
Duration: 2 H [14:00-16:00]
Price till 04.02.2022: 75 EUR + VAT
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Liberate Your Remote Team to High Performance

Learn to unleash innovation with the simple rules of Liberating Structures! 
Liberating Structures offer a revolutionary solution to collaboration in groups. Invented by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, Liberating Structures are a set of microstructures that use a handful of simple rules to unleash and involve everyone - no matter the size of the group. Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Lean, Spotify squads and Scaled Agile were built on high contact team interactions leading to extraordinary performance, then Covid came and disrupted our models of face-to-face interactions. Remote and hybrid models are our present and future. As a team member, manager, leader, intrapreneur and change evangelist, do you know how to empower remote team communication to capture room intelligence? Or are your remote interactions basic, excruciating and lack results? 
Join me as we discover, explore, and experience a world of unexpected engagement, collaboration and guaranteed high performance team results.


You will learn by doing:

  • How to harness microstructures to instantly accelerate remote and hybrid team collaboration and trust
  • Experience by doing unique and foolproof practices to enhance remote participation among individuals and teams
  • Synthesize simple collaboration tools to influence in real-time high-performance team interactions

In our two-hour micro workshop we’ll experience, practice and discuss in real time the following three micro practices:

  • How to Use Liberating Structures - Secret of REMOTE Impromptu Networking
  • How to use Liberating Structures for Agile Retrospective? | 1 - 2 - 4 – All
  • How to Use Liberating Structures Wicked Questions with remote teams - a Great Way for a Retro
  • If time permits, we’ll introduce another structure – perhaps: How to Use Liberating Structures Secret of Remote Conversation Café with a Pumpkin Twist
Michael Nir
Experienced trainer

Michael Nir

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