Certified Agile Leadership

27 - 30 September 2021 | Online

Trainer: Scott Dunn
Location: Online
Language: English
Duration: 4 x 4 H [13:00-17:00]
Price till 27.08.2021: 1285 EUR + VAT
Price till 27.09.2021: 1430 EUR + VAT
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Certified Agile Leadership - OnLine training

Workshop starting Agile Leadership JourneyTM program focused two important aspects:

  • Developing leader self-awareness, capacity and situational agility to shape micro-cultures toward agile ways of working through new thinking and behaviors. Provide key learning and tools for leaders to improve themselves and their organizations.

  • Developing organizational awareness to better understand how the organizational structures, policies and metrics are influencing the organization's macro-culture and the leaders role in aligning, co-creating and shaping the culture towards more effective agile ways of working in service to improved business outcomes.

The speed of change requires a mindset and tools beyond traditional command-and-control management that relies on subject matter expertise. Our goal is not to create great agile organizations. Rather, our goal is to improve organizational effectiveness by developing more adaptive leaders and organizations.

  • ALJ Introduction
  • The Agile Manager Three Steps of Growth
  • How Competing Values Framework works for Agile Organizations

What you will learn:

  • Organizations

    • How to truly change organization not just using new words, roles and labels?
    • How can you help determine what will work and how to support and lead the changes - from process, policies and metrics as well as supporting and guiding others through the changes?
    • What is your company's culture, and does it need to change?
    • What are your company goals, and how do we work with team efforts to achieve those goals?
  • Leaders

    • What type of leadership is needed for the new Agile ways of working? What are the leader's role and responsibilities?
    • How do we work with Agile teams?
    • How do you grow your team: give and receive feedback, empower and motivate others, get them to talk in meetings and improve collaboration?
    • What are the limits of "self-organization"?
    • How do we get leadership and management buy-in to support the Agile efforts, yet still hit delivery dates?

The training is recommended for:


Senior Executives

vice presidents and directors from startups to mature organizations who believe their organizations need agility to meet their business objectives and who have committed to making the transformation successful


middle management, and other leaders with influence who need skills and tools that will support their organizations change in changing approach.

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Training scope

  • Agile Leadership Module

    The Agile Leadership Workshop provides education for leaders in understanding how they can shape micro-culture through their own thinking and behaviors to support Agile ways of working and improve business outcomes.

    • Workshop Kickoff & Business Agility Context
    • Agile Leadership Introduction
    • Catalyst Leadership
    • Catalyst Conversations
    • Leading Change in an Agile Way
    • Workshop Closure & Taking it Forward
  • Agile Organization Module

    The Agile Organization Workshop provides education for leaders in understanding how to shape the macro culture by identifying and modifying structures, policies and measures to align values and drive behavior to support agile ways of working.

    • Program Kickoff & Organization Culture
    • Agile Organizations
    • Shaping Culture with Structures, Policies and Measures
    • Alignment & Co-creating Change
    • Leading Change in an Agile Way
    • Workshop Closure & Taking it Forward
Scott Dunn
Experienced trainer

Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn to Certified Enterprise Coach i Certified Scrum Trainer z ponad 20-letnim doświadczeniem w zarządzaniu: od zarządzania projektami po zarządzanie zaangażowaniem. Współpracował z firmami od startupów po firmy z listy Fortune 500. Ma szerokie doświadczenia w pracy z organizacjami z obszarów takich jak media społecznościowe, bankowość, opieka zdrowotna, rozrywka, obronność, rekrutacja pracowników, e-commerce oraz firmy z sektora rządowego. Poprzez szkolenia i konsulting wspierał dziesiątki organizacji przechodzących na podejście zwinne. Współpracował z Zodiac Aerospace (Safran), eBay, EMC (Dell Technologies), Yahoo !, GE Healthcare, Laserfiche, TiVo (Rovi), Technicolor, Pacific Life, Kaiser Permanente i Level 3.

Learn how to grow Agile organization!

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Accreditation and Certificate:

The course is accredited by the Scrum Alliance and led by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). 

Group size:

5 to 14 people.


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