Agile Team Leader

calendar 07 - 08 October 2024 | Warsaw
Duration: 16 H
Language: Polish
Address: Golden Floor Conference Center, Warsaw
Price till 07.09.2024: 730 EURO + VAT
Price from 08.09.2024: 825 EURO + VAT
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Agile Team Leader

Build a team that not only achieves goals.

The changing work environment requires leaders to do more than just coordinate and manage tasks, but above all, to build teams capable of working independently and continuously developing. Learn how to create effective, self-managing teams that are motivated to iteratively deliver value and able to adapt in any situation. The "Agile Team Leader" training will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively support your team in a dynamic work environment. Build a team that achieves goals and streamlines its way of working.

What you will gain from the training:

  • Defining the Role of a Leader: You will understand your responsibilities as a leader, learning how to transition from task management to inspiring leadership.
  • Value-Based Management: You will master techniques to focus the team on iterative value delivery, which allows for greater adaptability and effectiveness in achieving goals.
  • Creating Effective Teams: You will build and develop self-managing teams, motivated to collaborate and achieve results beyond expectations.
  • Communication and Motivation: You will effectively communicate with the team, understanding what motivates its members and recognizing and responding to demotivating factors.
  • Developing Team Competencies: You will gain tools to support the development of team members' skills, contributing to their personal growth and increasing the value delivered by the team.
  • Task Management and Planning: You will help the team estimate, plan work, and track its progress, increasing its predictability and efficiency.
  • Addressing Dependencies: You will identify and manage dependencies, facilitating timely delivery of value.

Who is the training for:

Team Leaders

who want to effectively collaborate with their teams, iteratively delivering value.

All managers

wishing to have a real impact on the work culture in their company by building an organization based on teams.

Engineering Manager

wanting to build teams that are not only effective but also capable of working independently and continuously improving.

Training scope:

Why plans fail when they collide with reality.
  • Work models - when a company needs an Agile approach.
  • What is agility and why is it difficult to achieve.
Foundations of Business Agility
  • Overview of Business Agility and Its Key Principles
  • Strategic business dimensions and their Business Agility enablers: Market, Human,
  • Operational, and Financial
  • Lean Change Management as a Catalyst for Business Agility
Building and developing a team
  • why a company needs interdisciplinary teams and how to create them
  • three key ingredients of effective teams
Leader's work with the team
  • The scope of a leader's duties
  • Facilitation, i.e., making collaboration easier
  • Delegating work
  • Why people come to work, or a matter of motivation
  • One-on-one conversations
Managing team work
  • The myth of busyness, i.e., why hiring more people will not solve your problems
  • Visualization of work, i.e., why the team needs a board
  • How to plan in order to deliver
  • Estimation techniques
  • What to do with dependencies

Recommended by students:

Magdalena Swornowska-Sajniak, Open Nexus Sp. z o.o.

Training at the highest level. A balanced dose of theoretical knowledge presented in an extremely digestible manner along with a vast amount of practical knowledge, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of this training. Great interaction between participants, exchange of experiences, and the great brain behind the entire operation - Tomek, thanks to whom, right after the introduction, you know this will be a training you want to be at!

Agnieszka Wawrynek, Technical Product Owner dla Coca-Cola App EU

An interestingly prepared and conducted training! Tomek's method of sharing knowledge is effective and makes it easy to understand the topic. The materials are nicely prepared - the notes are extremely helpful. Additionally, the relaxed atmosphere at the training also facilitates the assimilation of the topic :)


Ewa Sierakowska

It met all my expectations in terms of training, program, practicality, and the prevailing atmosphere. Above all, a huge dose of practical knowledge, which was my main goal. The Practitioner Trainer, from whom one can glean knowledge by the handful, benefit from his experience, and apply it to one's own needs. This is one of the best trainings I have participated in.

Certified Scrum Trainer
Tomasz Wykowski

I am the only Polish Certified Scrum Trainer, CST accredited by Scrum Alliance and LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer accredited by LeSS Company. Some say that my strong point is that I perfectly understand the needs of young companies. I know what they need and I can reach them because I know their problems and way of thinking

I have worked as a software engineer, project manager, Scrum Master. I know the delivery of products from all perspectives. In 2010, I founded ProCognita to help people build extraordinary organizations through Agile Coaching and training. I adhere to the principle that the theory alone does not give anything. Lectures and watching subsequent presentations will not improve your skills. The effects can only be obtained through experience and looking at the problem from different perspectives.

Training Deliverables

  • 16 hours of interactive training without PowerPoint and boring lectures,
  • a training completion diploma,
  • lunch and coffee breaks.
Agile Team Leader
calendar 07 - 08 October 2024 | Warsaw
Price till 07.09.2024: 730 EURO + VAT
Price from 08.09.2024: 825 EURO + VAT
Do you pay out of your own pocket? Write - we have discounts and installments for you!
Agile Team Leader

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