Agile Hardware Development

Agile Hardware Development training

The Agile approach is no longer a domain closely related to software production and is successfully used in hardware manufacturing. Learn how to apply Scrum, Lean, and eXtreme Manufacturing practices to hardware development in both the design and mass production process.

  • Training contains:

    • How to reduce business risks and increase flexibility
    • Which Agile engineering practices can be used in hardware development
    • How to reduce the cost of change in the design, testing and production processes
    • How to improve time to market for hardware products

The training is conducted by the founder of WikiSpeed - the first iteratively developed  car manufacturer. The course is based on examples from international companies in areas such as automotive, aviation, electronics, and material processing.

  • nvitation to Agile Hardware Development Training with Joe Justice
  • TEDx with Joe Justice

What you will learn:

  • Organization

    • what the structure and communication look like in an agile organization
    • what are the roles and responsibilities    
    • how to cooperate with suppliers and subcontractors
    • how to implement an iterative approach in production
  • Product

    • what kind of architecture supports the iterative approach
    • how to improve the process and collect feedback
    • how to plan and estimate work

The training is recommended for:

Training Scope

  • Case studies - examples from Tesla, 3M, Ferrari, Bosch, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Saab, WIKISPEED, their suppliers, and more.
  • Leadership - OKR’s, KPI’s, tips and guidelines from agile executives and chief agile officers who have worked in Google, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Facebook, GE, and their supply chain.
  • Practices - backlog prioritization, contracts, supplier commitments and timelines, burn down charts, value estimation, effort estimation, production and test tooling selection, supply chain participation and management, and more.
  • Flow - how to increase return on capital in your hardware organization and control your supply chain.
Joe Justice - Agile Hardware Development Training

Agile Hardware Development Training Includes:

  • 8 hours of intensive training in the workshop form
  • 8 SEU points to the Scrum Alliance educational path
Agile Hardware Development
Agile Hardware Development
Agile Hardware Development
Agile Hardware Development

Participants opinions:

Joe's Extreme Manufacturing Workshop is a great experience - I've participated in this event and Joe is an energetic inspiring coach for Agile techniques.

Joe's passion, energy and expertise at teaching Scum prompted me to experiment with it on my team after the first time I met him almost 5 years ago.

I recommend Joe as a person to highly motivate, inspire, and lift your spirits. It was pure joy to meet Joe!

Greg Niemann, Lockheed Martin

Mike Tromans,Toyota USA

Paul J. Heidema, SparkActa Inc.

Training with the founder of Wikispeed and creator of eXtreme Manufacturing

Additional information, terms, and conditions

Group size:

8 to 28 people.


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