Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

As a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), you know why Scrum works and what the benefits of Agile approaches are for your company, product, and team. Your work allows you to learn the practical side of being a Scrum Master, which naturally raises questions and a need to expand your skills.
The Advanced-Certified ScrumMaster training will allow you to broaden your competencies with specific tools and practice new techniques of Scrum Master work in a safe environment. During the two-day course, you will get to know the stories of other participants and our clients, and you will confirm your experience and knowledge with an advanced certification from Scrum Alliance.

The training is recommended for:

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Training Scope

Day 1

  • Who is a Scrum Master?
    • Empathy map
    • Scrum Master's attitudes and four areas of action
  • Scrum Master as a leader
    • Three areas of leadership
    • Responsibility - The Responsibility Model
    • What drives us - The Scarf Model
    • Working with the organization - The Satir Change Model
  • Scrum Master as a facilitator
    • Facilitation techniques and supporting groups in different phases - Sam Kaner's model of participation (The Diamond of Participation Model)
    • Communication barriers and how to address them
  • Scrum Master as a coach
    • Questions as a coaching tool
    • Key coaching competencies - Karl Tomma's model
  • Scrum Master as a trainer
    • How to convince stakeholders to use Scrum
  • Scrum Master as a mentor
    • Difference between mentoring and coaching
    • Formal and informal mentoring. Mentoring contract
    • Mentoring sessions - Troika Consulting



Day 2 

  • Working with the Product Owner
    • What we focus on - impact or functionality
    • Defining the Product Goal - Success Criteria
    • Impact Mapping as a technique for managing the Product Backlog
  • Working with the product
    • Extreme Programming and agile engineering practices - Mob Programming session
    • Technical debt and how to address it
    • Creating a strong Definition-of-Done
  • Working with the organization
    • Approaches to scaling Scrum and Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)
    • Integration and coordination techniques
    • Introducing change in the organization - ADKAR model
  • Working with the team
    • Self-management in practice
    • Five dysfunctions of a team and how to address them
  • Scrum Master's development.



Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)
Szkolenie Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (ACSM)

Advanced Certified Scrum Master course participants' feedback

What impresses me is that this is not a "certification preparation" training tailored to a specific test and explaining verbal tricks. Rather, it provides specific tips and practice to work with; Takes a closer look at each stance and each area of focus and combining it together into a fascinating whole. Without waffling, real-life examples and practices.

Great training, shows a lot of interesting models, methods and examples that can be used later at work. I highly recommend it!

The training was conducted in a way that was understandable to everyone and the level was even. Even for a person not working in the IT industry, the content was understandable. The trainers complemented each other perfectly. A large number of practical exercises made it easier to remember most of the topics. Highly recommended!

Anna Chodyra, Scrum Master, Eversoft

Adam Zarzycki, dev/scrum master, PayPo

Agnieszka Wichrowska, Manager, LuxVet24

Confirm your experience and knowledge with a Scrum Alliance certificate!


Additional information, terms, and conditions

Accreditations and Certification:

The course is accredited by Scrum Alliance and delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). The training covers the required learning objectives.

After the training, participants have the option to take an online exam, which results in obtaining the Certified ScrumMaster certification, the first level of Scrum certification, and grants a two-year membership to Scrum Alliance. The certification fees and membership dues are included in the training price.

The course is also accredited by LeSS Company and prepares for scaling according to the LeSS framework. After the training, participants will have access to the LeSS knowledge base.

Group Size:

4 to 16 people.


By registering for the training, you agree to the participation requirements.


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