Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Grow as a ScrumMaster. Learn how to transform organizations, support teams and leaders.
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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Who is the training for:

Scrum Master

With one year of experience and a Certified ScrumMaster certificate.


For leaders of organizations working in Scrum who want to further expand their skills.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster - Implementing Change in the Organization

Build your advantage as an experienced Agile Coach! This intensive two-day training is dedicated to individuals who have completed the Certified Scrum Master course. We don't focus on introducing Scrum because we assume you already know it. Instead, we offer a workshop rich in tools and techniques that will help you guide your team and the entire organization through the process of change. During the training, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, share experiences, and test specific practices that will enable you to become a true coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer, and leader.

After the training:

  • You will understand the process of taking responsibility and effectively implement it in practice, as well as explain it to others.
  • You will recognize basic dysfunctions in teamwork, effectively resolve them using identification tools.
  • You will use coaching and mentoring techniques in your daily work.
  • You will handle difficult meetings and conversations, and you will efficiently support those responsible for product strategy.
  • You will explain the value of agile engineering practices.
  • You will design and conduct workshops and training sessions.
  • You will support the Product Owner in defining the Product Goal and creating a product backlog aligned with that goal.
  • You will identify barriers to transformation at the human and organizational levels and address them.
  • You will know models for working in a multi-team environment and choose the most effective methods of coordination and synchronization.
  • You will implement changes at the organizational level.
  • You will feel the four attitudes of a Scrum Master and the four areas of action, and you will know how to further develop as a Scrum Master.

Training scope:

Who is a Scrum Master?
  • Empathy Map.
  • Scrum Master's Attitudes and Four Areas of Action.
Scrum Master as a leader
  • Three leadership areas.
  • Responsibility - The Responsibility Model.
  • What drives us - The Scarf Model.
  • Working with the organization - The Satir Change Model.
Scrum Master as a Facilitator.
  • Facilitation techniques and supporting the group in various phases,
  • including Sam Kaner's Diamond of Participation Model.
  • Resolving obstacles in communication.
Scrum Master as a Coach.
  • The use of questions as a tool in a coach's work.
  • Key competencies of a coach - Karl Tomm's model.
Scrum Master as a Trainer
  • How to convince stakeholders about Scrum?
Scrum Master as a Mentor
  • The difference between mentoring and coaching.
  • Formal and informal mentoring, mentoring contract.
  • Mentoring sessions - Trojka Consulting.
Working with the Product Owner
  • Focusing on impact or features.
  • Defining the Product Goal and Success Criteria.
  • Using Impact Mapping as a technique for managing the Product Backlog.
Working with the product
  • Extreme Programming and agile engineering practices, including Mob Programming sessions.
  • Technical debt and its resolution.
  • Creating a robust Definition of Done.
Working with the organization
  • Approaches to scaling Scrum and Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS).
  • Integration and coordination techniques.
  • Implementing organizational change - the ADKAR model.
Working with the team.
  • Self-management in practice.
  • Addressing the five dysfunctions of a team - Lencioni's model.
Scrum Master development.

Recommended by students:

Anna Chodyra, Scrum Master, Eversoft

I'm impressed that this isn't a "certification prep training" explaining the wordplay and tailored to a specific test. These are specific guidelines and practical advice for work; Delving into each of the attitudes and areas and piecing it together into a fascinating whole. No fluff, just concrete and practice.

Adam Zarzycki, dev/scrum master, PayPo

Great training, it presents a lot of interesting models, methods, and examples that can be used later in work. I highly recommend it!

Agnieszka Wichrowska, Manager, LuxVet24

The training was conducted in a way that was understandable to everyone, and the level was balanced. Even for someone not working in the IT industry, the content was clear. The trainers complemented each other well. The abundance of practical exercises provided the opportunity to remember most of the topics. I highly recommend it!

As part of the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster training, you will receive:

  • 16 hours of interactive training without PowerPoint and boring lectures, led by ProCognity trainers and experienced Scrum Masters.
  • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) certificate, as well as the renewal of your existing Scrum Alliance certificates.
  • A set of materials for Scrum Masters and a training completion diploma.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks included.

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