We walk the talk.

We strive to live agile values and principles in our daily work. We don’t promote incompatible approaches just because they sell well.

We know what we do

We are passionate about things we do. Each of our trainers and coaches has large hands-on experience in Agile and Lean. We’re coming from different backgrounds and had worked in different organizations and cultures. Our expertise is recognized by largests international organizations such as Scrum Alliance.

We are proud of our trainers

We build a long-lasting relationship between us. We know each other well. You can learn about us and you will always know who is going to work with you. We will provide you with people you need, not the cheapest trainer we can find on the market. This way you are able to reach your dedicated coaches and trainers before cooperation and stay in touch after it. hey won’t just disappear after the payment is done.

We work globally

We are located in Poland, but we work in different countries in Europe and beyond.

We continuously improve

We are actively looking for new knowledge and skills. We’re joining conferences and training. We learn from each other. We co-train and co-coach.

We give back to community

We make sure that local communities benefit from us. We speak at conferences, events and local group meetings. We support and co-organize them. We invite international experts and organize advanced courses so you can learn from others.

We cooperate with others

We are working with several well-recognized international Agile and Lean organizations and experts. Our partners brings in even more experience and knowledge together with different perspective.

Contact info

Contact us:

ul. Narzymskiego 15
   31-463 Krakow, Poland