Tomasz de Jastrzębiec Wykowski

Certified Scrum Trainer

"A programmer by education, Agilist by conviction, trainer by vocation."

Tomasz is seasoned Agile Coach and Trainer supporting individuals and organizations all over Europe and in Asia in their quest for Agility, better results and amazing workplace. He's the first Polish Certified Scrum Trainer one of two-hundred Agile Leaders recognized by Scrum Alliance.

Tomasz holds Master Degree in Automatic and Robotic and has a broad experience in software from different perspectives, including development, quality assurance, project management and Agile coaching. In 2010 he started ProCognita and since then he is helping companies in their quest for Agile and Lean Culture. His training are lead in a light, and original way with a large dose of humor. Through his questions, Tomasz provoke students to deeply analyze discussed topics. His exercises are not limited to the creation of next online stores, but allow participants to try their skills creating software for RoboCop, Han Solo or Santa Claus. As a coach Tomasz focuses primarily on the social aspect, observing both individuals and the dynamics of the group. He doesn’t limit his analysis to team effectiveness, but look at the whole system, trying to remove inefficiencies, improve value flow and create Agile Culture. His customers varies from small start-ups (Pro4People, PSS9 Development) through mid-size companies (Britenet, Inelo) to large international corporations (ABB, Dolby). Their businesses varies as well, spreading from financial services (BNP Paribas, Euro Bank), through insurances (AXA), SAP services (Allianz Business Services), games (BLStream) to telecommunication (Ericpol).

Tomasz continuously expands his knowledge by attending conferences, local group meetings and courses. His trainer's competencies are developed on dedicated training and over-graduate studies. He's Certified LeSS Practictioner and since 2008 he possess Project Management Professional, PMP.

Tomasz is actively engaged in Agile society. He is supporting and organizing Agile and Lean events and conferences, giving lectures and leading workshops. In 2012 he’s co-founded local Agile and Lean group - ALE Krakow, the second largest Agile community in Poland.


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